Managing A Young Campers Independence Part 2: Bully Prevention

At camp, children enjoy a different kind of independence compared to school recess, but unfortunately neither a grassy playground nor the presence of nature at camp can completely stop bullying. Children can, unfortunately, still be subject to degrees of teasing and while there’s no definite way to stop bullying for good, there are ways to tackle the situation early on. Here are 5 Tips to prevent instances of bullying at your camp.

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From Us To You: The CampSite Coloring Book

Happy Friday campers!

On behalf of the CampSite Marketing team, we would like to share a gift from us to you and your campers! Please enjoy a small portion of our CampSite Coloring book, which will be fully available within the September issue of our Monthly Newsletter.

Note: For best results, please keep the file saved as a PDF and use a PDF reader when downloading the pages.

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5 Things Everyone in the Camp Industry Should Do Before Summer Ends

There’s only one month of the summer season left. Do you have some marketing plans set in motion for the future? Perhaps personalized notes to each of your camper families or a social media campaign around back to school? Check out our examples that you may like below. Don’t let the clock tick any faster before getting these ideas checked off your list!

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Ready or Not? Helping Your Child Feel Comfortable About Going to Camp

For parents, sending their child to camp for the first time is a major milestone, one that is often marked by excitement, anticipation, and perhaps even some anxiety. For kids, it’s a near dream come true: to sleep away in a place that’s not grandma’s or a friend’s house; that’s a phone call and drive away. This will be their first real separation from parents and as a result may deal with rocky transition from the comforts of home.

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