Feedback From Your Campers Made Fun & Easy

It may seem like a silly question but who chooses the summer camp? Who chooses your camp? Financial wise, the parents but technically it is the children who are your camp customers. While feedback from parents are incredibly valuable, the chances are unlikely that those who pay camp tuition will be sleeping in camp bunks, making camp crafts or singing campfire songs. So long as their child or children continue to enjoy their summer camp experience they will pursue your camp with interest.

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Keeping Campers Busy In Bad Weather

There will be days when it’s simply just not comfortable to be outside and while the four walls of a cabin may seem like a prison they are there to keep us campers safe and warm more than anything else! Still, kids get bored easily. Lucky for us, imagination exists and with just a little bit of that, counselors can make the day go by faster and keep campers entertained on the rainiest of days.

Word Games

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The Summer Illness Resistance Checklist

Here’s a scenario for you. You’re a ten-year-old kid, it’s the morning of the very first day of summer camp. Your bunk mates are all outside, surrounded in bright colored grass and healthy trees. You can hear them from outside but you can’t join them. Not because you’re in trouble or acting rebellious—but because you are stuck in the nurse’s cabin. You are sick and to make matters worse, this can happen to anyone if they don’t keep their health in good standing.

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