The Summer Illness Resistance Checklist

Here’s a scenario for you. You’re a ten-year-old kid, it’s the morning of the very first day of summer camp. Your bunk mates are all outside, surrounded in bright colored grass and healthy trees. You can hear them from outside but you can’t join them. Not because you’re in trouble or acting rebellious—but because you are stuck in the nurse’s cabin. You are sick and to make matters worse, this can happen to anyone if they don’t keep their health in good standing.

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5 Ways Camping Boosts Your Body

You want to be ready when spring arrives and staying active outdoors is a great way to build up a good stock of endurance. Pursuits like camping (winter or not!) can be one of the most rewarding interests compared to any board game, virtual reality or other indoor “fun” projects! How exactly is it so rewarding, you may ask? The answer is by how it improves the most vital parts of your body.

1: Eyes

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8 Tips for Cold Weather Camp

Camp isn’t just for summer! There is a peaceful magic to winter activities, but with the allure of winter wonderland comes a certain amount of planning to ensure you and your children not only stay safe, but enjoy the time outdoors too.

Here are 8 tips to keep in mind when participating in a winter camp or putting your warm weather camp knowledge to cold weather practice.

Layer Up!

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Camp Management Made Easy With The Rollover Wizard

The busiest season of the camp year is finally winding down. It has, no doubt, been an eventful summer jam-packed with adventures and stories, new friendships and activities, and of course unforgettable memories. Despite some of the ups and downs, it’s a time for camp directors to step back, take a deep breath and relax with the satisfaction of another amazing summer.

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