5 Essential Things To Consider When Packing For Summer Camp

Summer seems to hit us all at once each year. Just as we are getting used to the change from Winter to Spring—flowers blooming, warmer days, lighter clothes— bam! Suddenly it’s Memorial Day Weekend and the hottest season is in full swing. And, more importantly, the first day of camp is just around the corner!

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Simplify Camp Transportation

Of all the challenges faced by camp directors each spring, none may be more daunting than organizing transportation.

Day camps face a tremendous task in minimizing the number of buses required while making sure campers aren’t spending too much time on the bus each day. For resident camps, add international campers and dozens of different flights into the mix - how do you get everyone to camp safe, and on time?

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7 Summer Camp Trends to Look Forward to in 2017

Spring is in the air and that means Summer Camp season is just around the corner. With warmer weather on the horizon, it’s time to look forward to all of the camp activities to look forward to this year. While many summer camp traditions have remained relatively the same year after year, more recently, camps all over the world have been introducing new activities and programs to keep up with the interests of new generations of campers.
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Text Messaging with Campsite

Communication is an essential part of the relationship between a camp, its families and its staff. Staying in touch has become easier, now that smartphones and cell towers are almost everywhere - but with that amazing breakthrough comes new expectations from customers. E-mail has become only the most basic communication tool. We are excited to introduce our newest module, one that will take your camp’s ability to communicate with parents and staff to the next level - text messaging!

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Top CampSite Tools for Saving You Time & Money

We know what you need to make your camp and business processes more efficient. From camper lead and enrollment management, to billing and financial analysis, to staff recruiting and alumni tracking, CampSite is your one-stop-shop for all of your camp management needs! As a part of our continuous efforts to help you run your camps smoothly and seamlessly, we’ve highlighted some of our top features:

Advanced Reports

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