The Best Summer Camp Movies

It is during this time of year that we find ourselves looking out the window at the dead of winter, and yearning for the warmth of summer. In fact, we are actually yearning for this years Summer Camp season! So why not kick back with one of these classic summer camp movies and relive the glory days in front of the television.

Heavyweights (1995)

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The Power of Advanced Reports

CampSite’s Advanced Reports tool gives camps the ultimate flexibility to report on any piece of information within CampSite using a customized format. Why be limited to pre-built reports that give just a bunk list or a transportation roster? CampSite clients now have the power to build reports with the exact information needed-- in any combination.

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Campsite and "The Cloud"

“The cloud” is one of those broad, hand-wavy terms that techies throw around without much explanation - but what is it, really? And why should you care?

In the early days, computers were so expensive that everyone had to share time on giant, room-sized mainframes. Fast forward to the 1980s - the PC - “personal computer” - revolution made home computing affordable - soon, it wasn’t just if you had a computer in your home, but how many.

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CampSite Features: Introducing Tasks

As fun as water balloon fights, midnight canteen raids and Color Wars can be, camp is still a business. But since most people don’t get into camping for the business side of things, it’s important that your camp management software handles most of the day-to-day for you - giving you more time to focus on the important things (like pool parties).

CampSite is committed to adding functionality that makes it easier to run your business, and in a more intelligent way.

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Easy Re-Enrollment with the Rollover Wizard

Now that the summer of 2015 is long over it's time to start gearing up for 2016 (but first, take a moment to recover)! Luckily the CampSite Rollover Wizard makes it easy to take your existing 2015 details and simply update the dates and rates for next summer.

The rollover wizard occurs in two steps and the first part can be done just before you're ready to open enrollment for next season.

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