Simple Reasons Why Trade Shows Rock

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We know what you’re thinking. Do trade shows really have that much to offer? For the summer camp industry, the answer is yes.

When many types of summer camp industry professionals unite under one roof with a common goal—a community shines, and it grows bigger and brighter with every summer camp trade show.

Here’s what you could be missing:

Networking Convenience

Once you’re on the trade show floor, camp industry professionals are there at your left and right. A canoe retailer, a camp management software company, medical ointment products, nutritious food suppliers—all within walking distance. Traversing from table to table, absorbing information, collecting business cards and pamphlets. Sounds like one of the most productive 15-minute walks in a lifetime.

Immersive Community Building

Conventions mean guaranteed in-person interactions with many camp industry professionals. There will be business cards exchanged, impressions made, and memories to remember. This is the perfect place to begin a bond with a new business partner, build up interpersonal relationships among accompanied staff, clients or both! And when you do, social media makes for a great platform to share the experience.

Influential & Educational Seminars

If you happen to operate a day camp and there’s a seminar at 1 pm about “Day Camp Marketing Blunders & Victories”—find a seat at that location. If you own a residential camp but are considering adding a day camp option next year—grab a seat too. There’s a high chance one of the topics being discussed in a convention seminar could be a big help to your summer camp. Even if the topic is something you are aware of, attending a familiar seminar can serve as a powerful checklist for you and your staff.

Don’t know where to start looking for Camp Tradeshows? Visit out our tradeshow calendar.

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