Core Features

Core Features

Maintaining your camp’s hectic operations just became easier. CampSite’s functionality is the assistance needed for effortless camp management.

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Online Camp Registration

Give parents the ability to quickly and easily enroll campers online and reduce paperwork all around. 

With our customized enrollment process, easily create enrollment options, ask questions, display necessary waivers & forms, offer additional “extras”, as well as collect payment and electronic signatures. 

You can also set demographic and conditional logic restrictions, so parents will only see the sessions that are available to their children. Enrolling for camp has never been more intuitive.

Additionally, follow up with those families who aren’t quite ready to enroll and those just looking for more information with integrated Request for Information (RFI) forms and Lead Tracking tools. 

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Parent Dashboard

Families can manage their whole camp experience in one place with Campsite’s Parent Dashboard.

Streamline the registration process by allowing parents to enroll their campers, fill out forms with ease, and even make payments directly through their dashboard.

Parents are also able to log into their dashboard at any time to update existing contact information, so camps will always have all the most accurate camper information. The parent dashboard provides families with a quick and easy experience all around.

With the ability to log in to the Parent Dashboard year-after-year and simply update any necessary information, re-enrollment will be a breeze for parents—and camps!

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Advanced Reporting

The ultimate flexibility and insight into valuable camp data—accessible on your terms. Send an email blast, export data to Excel, edit data en masse, add financial transactions for multiple families at once, or simply print documents and mailing labels.

Put your CampSite data to work with the ability to pull information from anywhere in the database in real-time. Easily create customized reports to suit your unique camp needs through the capability to add or remove any fields or filters to report on every camper and camp operation. Admins can even save reports for later use and receive updates on changes to report results on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

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Billing & Financial Suite​

Accounting for camps has never been simpler. Create customizable payment schedules to automatically invoice parents and batch process credit cards or e-checks for specific programs in a few uncomplicated clicks. 

Present transactions on a family’s profile in a clear cut and easy to understand format so no payment slips through the cracks. Additionally, CampSite’s comprehensive built-in financial reporting will take the guesswork completely out of reconciling your records and will allow you to quickly see how much revenue has been generated. Finances just became painless.

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Creating and accepting forms has never been easier! Reduce paperwork and administrative time with CampSite’s online web form solution. Fully integrated across every dashboard, parents and staff alike can log into their account, complete required forms, and save for future reference—all in one easy to access place.

Prefer hardcopies? Effortlessly print form submissions, individually or collectively, to have on hand. Additionally, built-in reporting makes it easy to quickly view the status of completed forms, so a pending document never goes unnoticed.

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Email & Communication

Effortlessly stay in touch with families, campers, staff, and alumni. Our tools give you the flexibility to customize and save email templates, create unique email signatures, insert merged fields, create paper mailings, print labels and much more.

We also offer the ability to monitor email engagement—whether you send an email to a single person or a thousand—with open and click-through statistics and deliverability rates to better understand what content truly resonates.

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Seamless Website Integration

Create a streamlined web experience for your parents, campers, and staff.  We “skin” all your front-facing pages to match the exact look and feel of your website. Throughout the entire camper registration and staff application process—and even beyond into the Parent and Staff Dashboard—your camp family will feel like they never left your site.  All you need to do is post the page links we provide, and you’re done! No extra web development knowledge needed.

Take your website integration a step further with Google Analytics to better understand your user’s experience. Embed your camp’s Google Analytics tracking code throughout your CampSite system so you can follow customers from discovery to decision.

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Profile Pages

Manage individual families, campers, staff, and alumni with CampSite’s easy-to-use Profile Pages! With a clean design and simple to learn interface, Profile Pages allow you to view and manage information in a user-friendly and intuitive way.

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Camper Lead Management & Analytics

Unlock the power of our analytics reports to help camps make smart decisions and enhance overall efficiency. Dive into the fascinating world of camper data, keep an eye on enrollment trends, and discover valuable insights!

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Bunking Board

Organize your campers and staff into groups for each session of camp with CampSite’s Bunking Board. Assign campers during registration or simply drag-and-drop as needed.

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User Management

Create user accounts tailored to accommodate the diverse roles of employees. Whatever level of employment staff may be, camps are able to control and manage user access ensuring employees will only see what they need to and nothing else!

In addition, CampSite delivers user-specific email notifications to ensure individual employees will always be aware of changes occurring in your database—and be able to take the appropriate actions. Easily set notifications for every time specific events of your choosing arise, including when a new camper lead is created, when forms are submitted, and more!

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