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Cut down on clutter & streamline camp operations with CampSite

Our powerful web-based camp management system means you can stop stressing about administrative efforts and start focusing on what truly matters—your campers. 

From camper lead and enrollment management, to billing and financial analysis, to staff recruiting and alumni tracking, CampSite is your one-stop-shop for all of your camp management needs.

We are driven to provide camp management software to help camps of all sizes and specialties reach their goals. See how our solutions can help you achieve yours.

We’re here to tackle your biggest challenges: registration, attendance, transportation & more.

Manage all aspects of overnight camp operations from one easy-to-use system. 

Bridge the gap between in-season and off-season programming with CampSite.
Jodi Hotra
JCC Camp Yachad

“We’re absolutely thrilled with CampSite. It’s been a tremendous tool for us as camp professionals and for our families. It’s changed the way we enroll campers, hire staff and manage all of our camp administration. The support and training makes the experience so easy. I recommend CampSite to any camp without hesitation.”

Jodi Hotra
JCC Camp Yachad

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