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About CampSite

With input from camp directors, our team of developers worked to create a product with an intuitive user interface designed to suit the needs of administrators, parents and staff alike. 

The result is CampSite, the most advanced software for camp management out there.

Our Team

John Aven
General Manager

Camper Personality: Navigator

Before joining CampSite, John was a sales manager for an aviation software company. Today, John is responsible for educating potential customers on CampSite and ensuring we’re the right fit for their business. Travel has always been one of his hobbies and he loves the opportunity to visit new cities - a luxury his role at CampSite often provides. When John’s not working or traveling, he enjoys sprucing up the 120-year-old home he shares with his wife and two sons in Connecticut. 

John’s a happy camper when: He’s visiting a National Park

He couldn’t survive camp without: A frisbee

Greg Rinehart
Product Manager

Camper Personality: Fixer

Greg's attention to detail and love of puzzle solving make him an expert Product Manager. Originally hailing from Texas, Greg holds degrees in History and Political Science, but switched to the technology sector several years ago and never looked back. When not problem solving for CampSite, Greg spends his free time with nature, comedy writing, and drumming for the band Rad Max.

Greg’s a happy camper when: In the kitchen listening to good tunes and creating new culinary delights

He couldn't survive camp without: Rocking out at the camp talent show and telling a joke or two

Dan Healey
Support Manager

Camper Personality: Storyteller

As the leader of the Support & Training team, Dan's here to ensure that our camps have the best possible experience during onboarding and with their day-to-day use of CampSite. With over 10+ years of support, training, and sales experience, he’s most comfortable interacting directly with clients to prepare for a successful camp season. Dan is a wealth of useless trivia knowledge and is most passionate about one day becoming a screenwriter/filmmaker.

Dan’s a happy camper when: He’s watching a great (or not so great) movie

He couldn’t survive camp without: Something to write with/on

Seth Coleman
Senior Developer

Camper Personality: Forager

As a Senior Developer, Seth is a key player in powering CampSite. He fits the introvert programmer stereotype but loves problem solving and using code to accomplish that. Born and raised in Oregon, he holds a degree in Computer Science and has been in application development for over 2 decades. In his free time, Seth enjoys riding motorcycles, gardening, performing mechanic work on anything with an engine, and playing a wide range of video games.

Seth is a happy camper when: He has a cup of hot coffee and a good game on

He couldn't survive camp without: A campfire, starry night, & sleeping bag

Shreya Sachdeva
Junior Developer

Camper Personality: Seeker

Shreya is a Junior software developer at CampSite with a passion for building responsive and user-friendly apps. After moving to Canada from India to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration, her love of problem solving and fascination with tech motivated her to transition into the software development realm. During her free time, she enjoys hiking, cooking, learning new skills, and exploring Montréal.

Shreya's a happy camper when: Surrounded with great company & good food

She couldn’t survive camp without: A bottle of wine

Chonlada Morse
Junior Developer

Camper personality: Solver

Originally from Thailand, Chonlada has a background in Environmental Science but her passion for software development lead her to a career in tech. Previously, she worked as a frontend and backend developer in higher education and in customer service, which gives her a well-rounded background for achieving customer success here at CampSite. In her free time she enjoys studying and coding, and cooking, camping & traveling with her family.

Chonlada's a happy camper when: Enjoying a morning cup of coffee with a beautiful lake and mountain view

She couldn't survive camp without: Cold beer, coffee and her family

Alicen Maniscalco
Product Specialist

Camper Personality: Wanderer

Alicen is a product expert who makes sure our users get the most out of CampSite. Whether she’s squashing bugs, designing new features, or cultivating our support library, her number one goal is the long-term success of our camps. Since earning a degree in psychology, Alicen has fulfilled support roles in both the education and technology sectors all across the globe, from Slovenia to Seattle and San Francisco - and now Philadelphia.

Alicen's a happy camper when: Taking snapshots of all the beauty that surrounds her

She couldn’t survive camp without: Her trusty camera

Chantal Vitart
Sales Representative

Camper Personality: Dreamer

Before joining CampSite, Chantal was an operations coordinator for an international camp staffing company. Today, Chantal is an integral member of CampSite's sales team, fostering new relationships with summer camps around the world. Raised in a beautiful small town in Pennsylvania, Chantal now happily resides in southern Connecticut. When she isn't cooking up a delicious feast in the kitchen, she's dreaming about where to travel to next. 

Chantal's a happy camper when: She’s at the waterfront on a sunny day

She couldn’t survive camp without: Flip flops and a bathing suit

Rob Schindlbeck
Sales Development Representative

Camper Personality: Adventurer

Rob utilizes his diverse background in quality control, QA testing, and customer service to speak with camps all over the world about the capabilities of CampSite. Originally from the Midwest, Rob has made his way around the country and enjoys spending time with his wife and two children in the Pacific Northwest. In his free time, you'll find him watching movies, playing pickup soccer, or trying not to fall off his skateboard!

Rob’s a happy camper when: He’s discovering new trails or making homemade popcorn

He couldn’t survive camp without: A Bundaberg ginger beer and a radiant night sky

Michelle Panelo
Senior Support & Training Specialist

Camper Personality: Explorer

With over a decade of customer service experience, Michelle builds strong relationships with her camp clients while helping them prepare for a great camp season. Michelle hails from California but now resides in a small town in Oregon with her fiancé and 7 chickens. When not helping summer camps, she enjoys adventuring in nature, getting her hands dirty in her garden, and being a foster dog mom for a local dog rescue.

Michelle’s a happy camper when: She has a large cup of iced coffee in hand, en route to somewhere new

She couldn’t survive camp without: Her cast iron skillet (one-pot dishes are her specialty!)

Sarah Hamar
Training & Onboarding Specialist

Camper Personality: Show and Teller

Sarah's degree in Communications, background in Healthcare IT, and experience in the theater all lend to her expertise in providing thorough training sessions and maintaining a wealth of CampSite knowhow. While Sarah loves living in the Pacific Northwest, you will often find her traveling to Kansas City to visit her family. Her favorite time of year is Fall - she loves Halloween and pumpkin-flavored everything!

Sarah’s a happy camper when: She’s got a duet partner for karaoke

She couldn’t survive camp without: Singing and skits around the campfire

Katie Doyle
Support & Training Specialist

Camper personality: Mentor

Katie uses her background in IT and extensive experience working at a Maine summer camp to connect with her camp clients and ensure they have a smooth and enjoyable season. Though she has spent time living in both Chicago and Austin, she now resides on the shoreline of her home state, Connecticut, where she enjoys hiking, perusing flea markets, and visiting breweries with her friends. She loves the charm of New England and the beautiful seasons, especially the fall.

Katie's a happy camper when: On long drives with friends, exploring new places

She couldn't survive camp without: S'mores ingredients and a campfire on a cool, clear summer night

Kat McCole
Support & Training Specialist

Camper personality: Creator

Before joining Campsite as a Support and Training Specialist, Kat was an elementary school teacher. She is now using those well trained class-wrangling skills to teach new skills to more grown students. Originally from New Jersey, Kat is now happy and warmer living in Virginia. When not working, she enjoys painting, reading, playing with dogs, and soaking up the sun.

Kat's a happy camper when: The weather is warm and the sun is shining

She couldn't survive camp without: A good stack of books and a sketch pad

Caroline Chavez
Support & Training Specialist

Camper personality: Preparer

Caroline's background in healthcare IT and as an ER Technician have provided her with years of experience in customer service that prepare her to support CampSite's clients. Born in Peru, Caroline currently resides in New Jersey, and enjoys spending her free time with her family and two dogs. When she's not ensuring client success, she enjoys horseback riding, carpentry, summers on the coast, and winter holidays in the city.

Caroline's a happy camper when: She has a cup of coffee and bagel from her favorite Colombian deli

She couldn't survive camp without: Bug spray and her dogs

Melissa Lincoln
Payment Services Manager

Camper personality: Caretaker

Melissa utilizes her background in the payment industry and operations to provide camps with a seamless payment processing integration, not only educating potential clients on our payment services but also providing continued support through bank reconciliations, chargeback mitigation and transaction assistance. Melissa resides in North Carolina with her husband and three children. In her free time, she enjoys traveling with her family as well as exploring the greenway and parks in her area.

Melissa's a happy camper when: She’s on an adventure with her kids

She couldn't survive camp without: A pot of coffee

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