About Us

About CampSite

With input from camp directors, our team of developers worked to create a product with an intuitive user interface designed to suit the needs of administrators, parents and staff alike. 

The result is CampSite, the most advanced software for camp management out there.

Our Team

Matthew Cavagnaro
General Manager

Camper Personality: Leader

Matt is a co-founder and current General Manager of CampSite, responsible for guiding the future of the company and the product with the rest of the CampSite management team. He is a proud staff alumni of Iroquois Springs. He has a diverse background of professional experience - his first dive into the world of technology was head first, helping launch the first web broadcasting studio at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

Matt’s a happy camper when: He’s off-leash with his girls at the dog park

He couldn’t survive camp without: Sisters Coffee

John Aven
Sales Manager

Camper Personality: Navigator

Before joining CampSite, John was a sales manager for an aviation software company. Today, John is responsible for educating potential customers on CampSite and ensuring we’re the right fit for their business. Travel has always been one of his hobbies and he loves the opportunity to visit new cities - a luxury his role at CampSite often provides. When John’s not working or traveling, he enjoys sprucing up the 120-year-old home he shares with his wife in Connecticut. 

John’s a happy camper when: He’s visiting a National Park

He couldn’t survive camp without: A frisbee

Erin Lehmann
Marketing Manager

Camper Personality: Wanderer

Erin runs the CampSite marketing department. With a degree in English and a background in sales, support, and marketing, she’s right at home creating content that educates and informs our clients and engages the camp industry. When she’s not online ordering CampSite swag, she’s planning weekend trips, trying new restaurants, and thinking of (more) ways to spoil her dog. 

Erin’s a happy camper when: She’s outside listening to good music in better weather

She couldn’t survive camp without: Her sunglasses and a lot of SPF

Justin Hawthorne
Development Manager

Camper Personality: Maker

Justin has been developing products for the last 10 years. He works with our software delivery team here in Portland, Oregon. Building customer driven products is his passion. He attended camp in Pennington, NJ where he later became counselor and camp naturalist. Guiding campers along the Delaware River, Appalachian Trail and Pine Barrens are great camp memories.  

Justin’s a happy camper when: Hiking, fly fishing or cooking meals with friends

He couldn’t survive camp without: An EpiPen; he has a dairy allergy but will have a blast regardless

Dan Healey
Support Team Lead

Camper Personality: Storyteller

Dan leads the Support & Training team and is responsible for ensuring the best possible experience through excellent customer service. With over 10+ years of support, training, and sales experience, he’s most comfortable interacting directly with clients to prepare for a successful camp season. Dan is a wealth of useless trivia knowledge and is most passionate about someday becoming a screenwriter/filmmaker.

Dan’s a happy camper when: He’s watching a great (or not so great) movie

He couldn’t survive camp without: Something to write with/on

Alicen Maniscalco
Support and Documentation Specialist

Camper Personality: Mentor

Alicen is all about helping our camp clients. Whether she's expertly resolving support requests or cultivating our library of support articles, videos, and FAQ’s, her number one goal is the long-term success of our camps. Since completing her degree in psychology, Alicen has fulfilled support roles in both the education and technology sectors all across the globe, from Slovenia to San Francisco - and now Portland, Oregon.

Alicen's a happy camper when: Wandering the streets of a foreign city.

She couldn’t survive camp without: Her trusty camera!

Greg Rinehart
QA and Product Specialist

Camper Personality: Fixer

Greg is the QA/Product Specialist.  His expertise lie with his extreme attention to detail and love of puzzle solving.  Originally, hailing from Texas with degrees in History and Political Science he switched his interests to the technology sector about 6 years ago and never looked back.  When not problem solving for CampSite, Greg fills his free time with nature, comedy writing, and drumming for the band Rad Max.

Greg’s a happy camper when: In the kitchen listening to good tunes and creating new culinary delights

He couldn't survive camp without: Rocking out at the camp talent show and telling a joke or two

Michelle Panelo
Support and Training Specialist

Camper Personality: Explorer

With over a decade of customer service experience, Michelle is able to build strong relationships with camp clients by helping them prepare for a great camp season. Michelle hails from sunny California but now resides in Portland, OR. When she's not watching her home team, the San Jose Sharks, fight for the cup during hockey season, she’s exploring Mount Hood National Forest  and trying out new campfire recipes with her fiancé and 10-year old dog.

Michelle’s a happy camper when: In her hammock overlooking a great view, listening to her favorite Hawaiian reggae songs

She couldn’t survive camp without: Her cast iron skillet (one-pot dishes are her specialty!)

Andrew Leonenko

Camper Personality: Innovator

Andrew was one of the first developers here at CampSite. He graduated from college with a degree in Information Technology. His creativity and resourcefulness shine through with his unique approach to the development process. Although he's spent time working in our Portland HQ, he now resides in New York. In his off time, Andrew loves to explore new places on the East Coast and visit the Big Apple. He can be found watching new and old movies - some spanning as far back as the early 1900’s. 

Andrew’s a happy camper when: Singing car karaoke while on road trips with friends

He couldn't survive camp without: A good campfire with hot dogs followed up with s'mores for dessert!

Seth Coleman

Camper Personality: Forager

Seth is one of the developers at Campsite. He fits the introvert programmer stereotype but loves problem solving and using code to accomplish that. Born and raised in Oregon, he got his degree in Computer Science and has been in application development for over 19 years. In his free time, Seth enjoys riding motorcycles, gardening, mechanic work on anything with an engine, and playing a wide range of video games.

Seth is a happy camper when: He has a cup of hot coffee and a good game on

He couldn't survive camp without: A roaring fire, starry night, and good sleeping bag

Laura Roberts
Training & Onboarding Specialist

Camper Personality: Creator

Laura is a Training and Onboarding Specialist. In her free time she serves as a board member at a local animal welfare organization that raises money for local animal rescues and sanctuaries. She is also an avid runner and artist. Most recently she has started to experiment with photography and watercolors. 

Laura is a happy camper when: Her coworkers bring their dogs to work

She couldn’t survive camp without: Seltzer water and a sketch pad

Sarah Hamar
Training & Onboarding Specialist

Camper Personality: Show and Teller

Sarah is the newest Support & Training Team member. With a degree in Communications and background in Healthcare IT, she found the perfect match with CampSite. Sarah loves acting in local theatre. Her favorite roles include Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing and Judy in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

Sarah’s a happy camper when: She’s got a duet partner for karaoke

She couldn’t survive camp without: Singing and skits around the campfire

Todd Browning
Business Unit Manager - Jonas Software

Camper Personality: Counselor

Todd brings over 25 years of software industry experience to CampSite's management team. He has previously served as VP of Sales of ClubSystems Group, President of Frontline Solutions as well as Managing Director of Constellation Payments. Today Todd serves as Business Unit Manager of the Registration Division of Jonas Software overseeing CampSite. Todd's been around so long that he still uses AOL email. 

Todd is a happy camper when: He's lying under a palm tree on a tropical beach

He couldn't survive camp without: An air conditioner

Our Partners

Trade Shows & Events

  1. NAIS Annual Conference

    February 26 - February 28
  2. Tri-State CAMP Conference

    March 10 - March 12
  3. New England Camp Conference & Expo

    March 26 - March 28