Each year, email grows in popularity among marketers and business owners because, well, it works. When the right message is sent at the right time to the right people, you can drive the actions you want for your business.

Compared to other marketing platforms like paid advertising and sponsored social media posts, email is more cost-effective and can be tested and improved on more easily. And with segmentation and personalization, your messages can work even harder for you.

What is Email Personalization?

Email personalization means that you’re including content in your email message that changes based on the recipient to make your message more personal to them. You’ve probably encountered your share of emails that say “Don’t miss this deal, [first name]!” That’s because studies have shown that personalization works.

There’s much more you can use than personalization, though. Almost every field collected about someone can be used. For children’s camps, you’re generally writing an email to a parent about a camper; in this scenario, you might say “Hello [last name] family, we hope [camper name] is excited for their first day! Here are some items we recommend packing for [age] children.”

Set Your Global Values

When personalizing emails (sometimes called “merged fields”), it’s important to include information seamlessly with the rest of your email. If you have people in your database who have placeholder information, it can be awkward to read “Hello Unknown, we hope you’re looking forward to camp!”

That’s why it’s important to check that information needed is collected, test your sends, and set your global values, which are a fallback if the information isn’t known. Try setting “future camper” for the name so that emails to people you only have an email address for will say “Hello, future camper!” When adding information to your management software for campers, be sure to insert correct information and not internal notes so that personalization doesn’t give anyone any surprises.

Think Outside the Box

Personalization is really an extension of having good data on your campers. And what’s the use of good data if it’s just going to sit in a database? Segment your lists based on what you know about them. If survey respondents gave you a 5-star review, segment those people into a list and send them referral messages to share with their friends. If you need to get some forms completed, send emails out only to the people who haven’t completed them. This way you aren’t pestering those who have already submitted them. You could even send different messages to people who register for camp based on whether it’s their first time attending. The possibilities are endless.

The more personalized your messaging is, the more likely you are to have people open, click, and act on your emails. That’s why we made it simple to include personalization in CampSite’s email & communication features. В последние годы в косметологии все чаще используют натуральные ингредиенты, и семена каннабиса получили особое внимание благодаря своим увлажняющим свойствам. Эти семена могут значительно улучшить состояние кожи, предотвращая сухость и раздражение. 

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