Finding the right camp staff members is time-consuming and stressful. An effective job posting will help you narrow down your applicant pool before ever scheduling an interview, saving you time and money. 

This article is a roadmap to writing the ideal job posting for your camp’s open positions. Follow these guidelines to streamline your recruiting process and ensure a high-quality applicant pool. 

Lead with a description of the person you want for the job

Imagine the ideal hire. What are their basic personality traits? What do they want out of this position? How do you want them to show up for work every day? 

Write a short description of this person so applicants have an idea of how they match up with your expectations. 

List specific responsibilities 

The more generic your listing, the harder it will be for prospective staff to self-assess their skills and qualifications. Get really specific when writing about your camp’s job opening. 

For example, instead of writing this: 

“Lead small groups of campers in fun activities.”

Try this instead: 

“Lead groups of 5-7 campers ages 7-11 in activities such as outdoor games, craft projects, and storytimes.”

This gives potential applicants a much better idea of what their everyday responsibilities will be like. It may take a while to write out, but remember: the more time you put into the job posting, the less time you waste down the line interviewing unqualified applicants. 

Emphasize required qualifications 

If your camp is very strict about things like certifications or activity levels, your job postings should emphasize that. For example, say you require every camp counselor to be certified in child CPR. 

Consider adding this to the very top of your posting or putting it in a bold font. Your “deal breakers” should be easy to spot. 

Include a bit about your camp’s culture 

At the bottom of the job posting, include a short blurb about your camp. Explain its history, traditions, and what you envision for its future. 

You want your applicants to admire your camp’s history and be a part of its future, so they should know what your plans are and how you want to accomplish them. 

Include a sentence or two about how the job you’re posting will fit into these plans. For example, if you’re posting an open counselor position, explain how you see counselors contributing to camp growth. 

Be transparent about the hiring process

People applying for jobs gain trust in a company when they are open about the hiring process and what to expect after submitting an application. Consider adding a section about the “next steps” after applying. 

Think about answering these questions: 

  • When can applicants expect to hear back after submitting?
  • How many interviews will there be?
  • Is the first interview a phone interview?
  • Are any technical skill tests required?

The bottom line: Be detailed and consistent

Add as much detail as you can to the job posting so applicants aren’t left guessing. You may receive fewer applications, but this is a good thing. It means the applicant pool has narrowed itself down for you. 

When you finally get to the interviewing process, be consistent with your posting. Know what skills and requirements you put in the job description and be ready to discuss each. If you added details on the interview/hiring next steps, follow them. 

Remember, you’re interviewing your camp candidates as much as they are interviewing you. Build a foundation of trust starting with your posting and following through with the hiring and training processes. 

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