Relying on word of mouth to spread the news of your amazing programs? Sure, it can be powerful. But word of mouth can only go so far. It’s 2022. If you haven’t already, it’s necessary for your business to jump on the social media train. 

Knowing which platforms to use and how to optimize them can increase your signups. It’s better for your business and for the campers. 

This article reviews the top social media platforms you should consider to boost your marketing efforts, the content you should post, and the strategies you can implement. 

Facebook & Instagram

Let’s start with the most obvious (and your best bet). Parents love Meta platforms. 

In fact, 77% of Americans between ages 30-49 have a Facebook account. This is a classic case of meeting your audience where they are.  


Posts that contain images of people and video posts often receive high levels of engagement. Some ideas for more content that would do well on Meta include:

  • Photos of the camp location 
  • Examples of camp activities and crafts
  • Videos of campers talking about their experiences
  • Videos of campers in action
  • Parent testimonials

Feeling experimental? Try creating an infographic explaining the various benefits of your program.  


It’s essential to have a Facebook Business page for your camp. Some parents try Facebook even before Google, so you want your camp’s information to be easy to find. Fill out every bit of your Facebook Business Page.

Organic content can go far here, so establish a regular posting schedule with varied types of content (photos, videos, and text). You can also share articles and tag other organizations to increase your reach.  


TikTok is a fun platform to post organic content that can reach both campers and parents. Especially if you have Gen Z staff, take advantage of this platform. 

Many marketers seem to be mystified by TikTok. The best advice? Just relax. Sometimes, the simplest videos are the most successful. 


Record videos showing examples of camp activities or introducing counselors with some fun facts about each person. Keep an eye on the trends, but don’t feel beholden to them. Many videos go viral without using the latest dance craze. 

You can also reuse these videos by adding them to your Instagram Reels. Social media is all about repurposing content!    


You likely won’t be able to directly track ROI on TikTok, especially if it’s the potential campers seeing your content instead of their parents. Stick to organic content here. It can spread the word and generate excitement among future campers.  


This one seems a little out of place, right? 

But remember, you’re not always talking to potential campers. You’re talking to their busy parents, and those busy parents likely are active  on LinkedIn. 


You’re talking directly to the parents here, and they’re already in a business mindset since they’re browsing LinkedIn. 

Focus on how your camp benefits them. They will have so much more time for both work and play when their kids are occupied at camp. 

For parents of older campers, you can also emphasize the more practical benefits of your program, such as learning about teamwork and other skills that will come in handy in kids’ future careers.

LinkedIn is also a great platform to boast about camp alumni. How are your past campers doing? Get updates from parents and post them here for some organic, feel-good content.  


Use audience-selection features to zero in on the type of parents that will be interested in sending their children to your camp. What are their usual job titles and interests? 

When it comes to money, spend the least here. Try just boosting a couple posts around summer camp signup season. Though it may be good for catching a few career-minded folks, Facebook and Instagram are still your best bets.   

The Camp Marketing Bottom Line

Both kids and their parents are likely to see your camp’s social media. Your priorities should be building up your business’ profiles, strengthening your organic posting strategy, and experimenting with paid media, in that order. 

Dedicate most of your marketing time – and budget – to quality content rather than focusing only on paid ads. Producing a shareable video that makes the rounds among local Facebook parents can be very effective. 

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