As a camp staff member, you understand how much time and preparation goes into each new camp season. Between camper registration and final check-out, the camp season can fly by. Before you know it, you’re back to planning for next year. But without camper satisfaction surveys, it can be difficult to make educated decisions based on what campers loved – and what they could go without.

Camper satisfaction surveys are an important part of the seasonal process. They can help inform your camp’s next year, appeal to new campers, and increase camper return rates. Getting started with a camper satisfaction survey is easy and can quickly become your go-to method for session feedback. 

Read on to see what to include in your camper satisfaction surveys and how to use them!

Camp Satisfaction Survey Questions

Overall experience 

Make a list of experiences families can easily rank to share whether or not they exceeded, met, or failed expectations. Consider asking how they felt about:

  • Activities offered (sports, crafts, outdoor time, etc.)
  • Meals + food service 
  • Pick-up and drop-off process
  • Bunking accommodations
  • Registration process
  • Camp staff + leadership

The options are endless! Keep prompts straightforward so that families simply select a bubble that best relates to their experience. 

Demographic data

Collecting camper demographic information can further inform how you plan for future sessions or expand your offering. Ask for age, location or school district, whether or not they’re a returning camper, if they have siblings in camp. Or come up with unique demographic questions that pertain to your camp.

Constructive Feedback

You’ll miss out on a lot of valuable information if you don’t allow camp families to offer some constructive feedback. Leave this question open-ended so they can share specific details about what (if anything) was lacking and what they think you can do to improve next year. 

Camper Acquisition

How do you acquire your new campers? Word of mouth, social media, or online advertising? This one simple question can greatly inform what marketing and advertising channels you prioritize for next year’s registration.  

How to Use The Data

Introduce camper satisfaction surveys to families through a post-session email or a link on your website. Google Forms is an easy place to create your survey for free. The ideal time to capture feedback is within a week after a session ends. This way the camp experience is top-of-mind for families so they can offer quality feedback. 

Compile your data so you have a high-level view of the overall experience your campers had with your program. Then drill down into individual activities or comments and use the feedback to fine-tune your offerings for next year. 

Including camper satisfaction surveys in your post-session practices will enhance how you plan for and pivot future programs. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to engage directly with camp families who didn’t have their best experience – giving you a chance to make it right and encourage them to return. 

Satisfied campers, on the other hand, make for great referrals and can help you nurture a positive, thriving camp community! 

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