It’s off-season for most camps, but that doesn’t mean your connections should grow cold. It’s important to stay connected to the campers and families you work with during the fall and winter months. The holidays gives you some especially jolly reasons to stay in touch and keep your camp programs front of mind. Here, we’ll review why it’s important to reach out to families during your off-season and how to do it with cheer. 

Why it matters

Let’s be real here. Most parents will forget about your camp until it’s time to find something for their child to do in the summer again. 

That’s not a bad thing – they’re just busy! 

This means it’s important to keep reminding them of your camp and its amazing offerings. When they’re busy and they need to choose an activity for their child, you want your camp to be the first thing they remember. 

Show you care year-round

Reaching out during your off-season also shows you’re always thinking about campers. 

Stand out from other summer programs by reminding families how much you care – even when your campers aren’t there. 

Associate your camp with positive feelings 

Give families the warm fuzzies by sending holiday well-wishes. Associating your business with the feeling of the holidays can cause parents to have positive associations with your camp.

‘Tis the season for giving

This is the time for gifts, and your camp could be one of them. Sending communications during the winter could inspire parents or other family members to purchase camp time for a child way before summer starts.  

3 ways to stay in touch with families during the holiday season

Now that we’ve discussed why staying connected with families during the holidays is key, let’s explore some ways to make it happen! You have many different options for reaching out to camper families during the holiday season. Here are three of our favorites that are easy to add to your marketing plans. 

Keep up with your social media 

What does your camp look like during the winter? What are your counselors doing for the holidays? Are there any holiday camp traditions you want to share? 

Keep your social media feed going with fun, holiday-themed posts. Share photos of your campgrounds and staff, and make sure to ask your followers what’s happening with them. 

Repost photos from campers and their families that show camp spirit during the off-season. Families love to be featured and it shows you’re always paying attention. 

Facilitate a holiday-themed contest 

Give away a session at your camp to one lucky family by hosting a raffle. You can do this through social media or send an email with a link to a Google Form for entry. 

Not only does this make you relevant to both former and potential new campers, but it also adds an element of urgency and fun to your marketing. 

Send out a thankful newsletter

This is a low-effort yet heartfelt way to spread holiday well-wishes from your camp staff. Fill this email with updates and positive news from management and counselors. 

Add some announcements or other exciting things that your audience can look forward to in the coming year. What changes have you made? Are you adding new programs or activities? Now is the time to highlight them. 

As a thank you for reading the email, consider including a voucher or camp-related freebie at the bottom. A small gift says a lot about the lengths your camp is willing to go for campers and their families.

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