Without a doubt, we are living in a digital age. With that, many organizations and businesses are taking advantage of online tools to manage work, increase collaboration, and maximize their time. Summer camps are no exception. While summer months are spent with your campers, we know that the rest of the year is spent gearing up for the upcoming season. 

Having easy to use online tools makes those days spent organizing camp projects more productive and not only that, even fun – and who doesn’t want that? 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite online tools (broken down by need!):

Project Management/Productivity


Trello is one of many online project management tools out there. Project management tools like Trello help boost productivity by making completing tasks a lot more manageable. Described as being easy to use and highly-visual, Trello has won the approval of many professionals (including us here at CampSite!).

Trello can help you manage to-do lists along with stay updated on assignments you may have handed off to your camp staff. Colorful cards and boards make the platform visually appealing for those who like a lively workspace!  It’s especially great during the off-season as you prepare for your upcoming summer camp season!



Gone are the days of filing cabinets overflowing with paper documents and what-have-yous. Dropbox is an online tool that makes not only storing camp documents but searching for them super simple. For your camp, this could include anything from CIT training handbooks to summer camp brochures!

One of the major benefits of Dropbox is how convenient it is. You can access all your files through any mobile device, wherever you are. This makes it easy to share camp documents with the rest of your team!



For many of us, 2020 has brought in numerous challenges. This includes shifting to a more remote work setting. Because of this, many of us have had to get accustomed to communicating with our team virtually. Slack is one of several online collaboration tools that help make this transition smoother. Online tools like Slack also provide year-round benefits for summer camps who may need to connect with staff who may only work on-site during the summer.

Using Slack, you can connect with individual staff members through direct chats and even with multiple staff members at the same time. Chat rooms or ‘channels’ in Slack make it easy to organize conversations by topic or departments at your organization. Another benefit of online collaboration tools like Slack is the ability to quickly share files with your staff – plus Slack also integrates with Dropbox!



Canva is an online design tool that is great for summer camps! Whether you are interested in adding flair to your existing marketing material for next season or just need a little inspiration, Canva pretty much has you covered. 

Canva is a trusted place for design beginners and professionals to create high-quality marketing materials.  It can help you elevate your social media posts and outreach content. By offering design templates, Canva is especially helpful if you regularly send newsletters to your families!  Design tools like Canva will help keep families engaged all year round!

Google Analytics

If you consider yourself a little on the tech-savvy side,  Google Analytics is worth checking out! Google Analytics is an online web analytics tool that will take your camp marketing to a whole new level. 

In a nutshell, Google Analytics helps you track and analyze traffic that runs through your website. Not only how much traffic but the type of traffic and where traffic is coming from. With online tools like Google Analytics, you can identify trends and improve your camp marketing strategies!

We like Google Analytics so much that CampSite offers a feature that integrates Google Analytics tracking codes directly into selected CampSite public-facing pages! This provides our camps with the ability to collect data on families who have expressed interest through CampSite or have even gone as far as starting the enrollment process!

Whether you are interested in maximizing productivity, or simply just need a little marketing boost for your camp website, there is something out there for you to explore.

These are just a few online tools that have changed the game for professionals across all industries including summer camps. Living in this digital age has its perks – including having a myriad of online tool options that not only help make our work days shorter but even more enjoyable!  

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