When is the last time you applied for a job using paper and pen? 


Moving to digital record keeping is essential in this day and age, and this extends to job application systems for your camp as well. 

Applicants expect an updated experience, and providing one will both widen your applicant pool and improve your hiring process. We’ve gathered our top five reasons to move to paperless staff applications below. 

Move to paperless staff applications because you can…

1. Digitally organize applications 

With a paperless application system, you’ll never have to worry about losing a potential staff member’s forms. 

2. Easily make changes to application questions/format

When using paper forms, there’s not much you can do after they’re printed. Either the current forms would get thrown away or you’d have to wait to make any changes until you printed the next batch. 

With digital forms, waiting to make a change is a thing of the past. Update the form in your system and every new applicant will be able to see the edited form and provide the requested information. 

3. Streamline the review process

Digital files make it simple to review and share promising applications. Printed forms can get lost going from one staff member to the next, or you have to get everyone to coordinate schedules  to review everything at once. 

Paperless applications can be downloaded, emailed to the relevant people whenever you want. 

4. Maintain applicant profiles for the following years

Digital applications are easy to save for years to come. No more worrying about physically filing away loose pieces of paper.  

5. Hire the right people

This is the most important reason to go paperless with your staff applications. A better application process makes it easier for better potential staff members to apply, and makes it easier for you to pick them out.  

Getting started going paperless  

Do you have a big backlog of paper records? If so, going paperless may seem overwhelming at first. 

The first step is to not panic. Going paperless takes time, but sets your camp up for future success. It’s worth it to start now using the following three steps. 

1. Archive existing paper forms 

If you need historical records, prepare to digitize any paper records you have in your new system. Make sure to shred them once they’re fully digital to reduce clutter and minimize the risk of leaking personal information.  

2. Set up the digital applications

CampSite’s staff management features empower you to quickly set up online applications and spread the word about your open positions. Create the application questions you want and make it available to potential new staff members.  

3. Maintain your paperless records

As the applications roll in, easily retrieve them from the system for review and make updates/edits as needed. One of the best parts of having paperless applications is the ability to keep the information organized and clean. 

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