Camp might sound like all fun and games, but behind the scenes, there are a lot of moving parts. From the moment someone is considering your camp, there are a number of processes to collect information and get it to where it needs to go. 

A lot of the processes involved in running a camp could and should be digitized. Making it easier to register or sign up for programs online means you’ll have more people doing the tasks they need to by their deadlines. And, once the information is gathered, you can analyze that data without any need for manual re-entry.  

Here are five ways you can start modernizing operations to save time and see results:

1. Digitize Your Forms

Are you still requiring campers to print, fill out, and mail or fax in their forms? Not only is this inconvenient, but it wastes time and can lead to errors when your team then re-inputs the information into your system. Plus, online camp management goes way past just the registration. Get signatures for waivers, collect medication information, ask programming questions, and collect payments.  

2. Make it Easier to Pay for Camp 

Paying for camp isn’t always as simple as a parent writing a check. Non-profits, government agencies, and extended family members often make payments or donations to camps to help get kids there. By moving your payment portal online, you not only make it easy for people to send you money, but you make bookkeeping a breeze. 

3. Give Campers the Power

Especially for returning campers, there’s no reason to have to input the same information year after year. By providing a digital experience, families can log in at any time to update their contact information, or sign up for new events. And best of all, this means that in just a few clicks, they can re-enroll for the next session without all the extra paper work.

4. Take Advantage of Technology

With new technology, you can save your staff time while giving parents and registrants what they want to see. For instance, with the photo & video blog, you can use facial recognition to automatically tag photos with the camper.

Other areas you might not know you can digitize include activity scheduling, transportation management, and events management! Make sure everyone is where they need to be and that nothing is overbooked, letting everyone accomplish the activities they’re looking forward to doing. 

5. Move Your Staff Online

While all the other features make it easier for families to interact with your organization, you can also simplify your operations, too. Set up user roles to allow different types of employees different levels of access – so your counselors might see the bunk assignments, but not financial tools. And, set up custom notifications so the right people know when something changes, like a form completion or new camper registration.

Want to see how much easier it can be to manage your business by investing in camp technology? Request a demo to see everything that CampSite can do for you.