Staff Management Shouldn’t Hurt

If your camp is like most camps, you might credit the bulk of your successes and highs to your hard-working full-time and seasonal staff. Their dedication, curiosity, commitment to long hours, and abundance of creativity all play a role in positively influencing the camp experience for your campers. 

When it comes to assembling and managing your dream-team, well, the process is rarely as rewarding as the payoff. Having to manage your camp and entire staff isn’t easy!

Searching for high-quality talent, organizing candidates, hiring, and compiling staff profiles requires meticulous planning and oversight. 

Then, when you finally have put together your group of A-players, you’ve still got to act as HR, collecting important forms, assigning their roles and tasks, and tracking wages, taxes, and more. 

It’s a lot to take on when you’ve got so much to do! 

Especially when your staff management efforts are mostly manual, organized (or less than organized) in multiple files and folders, and feel more cluttered than calm. 

What if there was a solution that would help you get out of the staffing weeds? One that also came with some great benefits? 

Luckily, there is. CampSite’s Staff Management module helps camp directors manage staff in the same platform they manage other camp operations. 

A Built-Out Hiring Process

Finding the right staff is crucial to the success of your program! We make it easy with built-in, downloadable (and customizable) applications. Make use of the Lead Browser to track and organize the qualified candidates you’d like to move forward with. Ready to hire? Create confidential employee profiles to store personal information, forms, contracts, and more.

Easy Staff Management

Once you’ve made your hires for the season, you can easily manage employee roles and assign tasks within the dashboard. This saves a lot of time and allows for clear communication between managers and employees. Employees will have access to their profile to see schedules, tasks, and their employment details.

Comprehensive HR Information

Employee profiles are capable of housing a lot of data, from applications, status, salaries, demographic info, HR forms, and more. You’ll be able to access and analyze information with just a few clicks, especially with the help of our Advanced Reporting feature, which works alongside Staff Management (trust us, it’s good!). 

Customized Settings

Lastly, like all of our modules, there’s plenty of room to customize your Staff Management processes and settings. Configure profiles, add custom fields, create unique applications, and so much more. This module is flexible enough to meet the needs of your camp. 

Managing your camp staff can be an organized, streamlined process with the right set of tools. We have many years of experience working for camps and building camp software. Add the feedback from our camps and we’re confident the Staff Management module should be a tool every camp director uses!

Learn more about staff management and request a personalized demo of CampSite here