With over half of all internet traffic coming from mobile devices in 2019, responsive web design is more important than ever before. By definition, a responsive web design means that a web page will display correctly on any device regardless of screen size. The page retains the intended format, functionality, and navigation. It becomes easy to provide a highly customized experience on even the smallest of devices. It’s pretty impressive; most internet users can tell immediately if a web page doesn’t live up to this standard. 

An unresponsive web page doesn’t translate as seamlessly on smaller devices. This can lead to wonky formatting, oversized or micro-text, image or widget misplacements, and a difficult-to-navigate interface. There’s no doubt that users prefer a web page that they can interact with whether they’re at home or on the go – without sacrificing the experience. 

Nowadays, most camps communicate with their staff and camp families through web portals and online dashboards. Responsive design is necessary to effectively communicate and exchange information, no matter where they are.   

Responsive Camp Software Is Convenient For Camp Families 

As you know, many camp families are on the move. Offering a responsive parent dashboard lets parents check for updates, complete tasks, make payments, and enjoy camper videos and photos. They’ll have access whether they’re on a lunch break or on vacation! The responsive parent dashboard retains all of the same robust functionality parents are familiar with on their desktops. This means they have 24/7 access to the information that matters most – right at their fingertips. 

Responsive Design Smooths Out Camp’s Application Processes

Younger generations know all too well the perks of responsive design; they can do almost anything on their mobile devices. Don’t let your staff miss out on the same experience when they engage with your camp’s Staff Dashboard. Your prospective staff will be able to fill out forms, share documents, and provide qualifications as usual. But now, they can do it all on their mobile phones or tablets anywhere with an internet connection. 

Busy teens, college students, and professionals on-the-go can easily apply from anywhere (instead of putting it off for “later”). This is a big win from a recruitment perspective. Remove a common barrier that can deter qualified candidates: an application process that only works best from a desktop computer. 

The Right Software for Your Community

You can see how responsive camp software can make a huge difference in how your camp’s community interacts with your brand. Luckily, it’s easy to offer your families and staff the convenience they’re searching for. CampSite’s core product includes the responsive parent dashboard. The a la carte Staff module just released a default responsive design upgrade. As technology progresses at the speed of light, there’s no better time to offer your community a camp software service that meets and exceeds user expectations!

To hear more about CampSite’s Responsive Parent Dashboard and Responsive Staff Dashboard, request your free personalized demo today!