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Staff Management

Find and hire the right team with one simple-to-use solution. CampSite streamlines the hiring process through quick submission and retrieval of applications and provides straightforward web-based access to review incoming applications at any time. Easily track pending applicants through our staff lead browser, dive deeper into an application on the staff profile page, record interview notes, contact references, and generate a contract to hire the best fit –  all with the click of a button.

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Medical Management​

Manage camper medication deliveries or simply log health incidents for your campers. Developed in conjunction with top-ranked pediatricians from NYU hospitals—who also happen to be camp doctors and parents—our Medical Management Suite allows you to efficiently maintain and collect camper medical information including medications, allergies, immunization records, and more.

Optimized for a mobile interface, swiftly log medical information on the go—allowing all medical history to be safely stored and quickly accessible right at your fingertips. For further camper insight, seamlessly track medical data through our advanced reporting system.

Our medical module also helps you remain HIPAA Compliant, with restricted access to medical information on a per-user basis, while making parents feel comfortable that their child’s medical needs are being met.

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Attendance Tracking

Whether you want to know which campers are present or absent from camp, have been dropped off by the bus, picked up by a parent, or simply to check campers in and out of activities – CampSite has you covered. 

With a mobile-friendly interface, simply set up your checkpoints and track campers arrival and departure from any location or transportation method. For additional ease, set up an attendance kiosk where parents can enter their personalized attendance PIN to check their camper in or out of camp on their own. 

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Photo & Video Blog​

Let your camp parents experience camp like never before with Camp Today! Accessed directly through the Parent Dashboard, parents can download pictures, watch videos and even grant access to extended family members. It’s a front row seat to the camp experience! Camp Today is the ultimate way to keep your parents connected and engaged while camp is in session.

New! CampSite’s facial recognition technology automatically sends families photos of their campers during the summer, taking the work out of sorting through hundreds of photos each day and putting smiles on parent’s faces!

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Facial Recognition

Take advantage of the latest technology in camp software! Powered by Amazon Rekognition, our Facial Recognition module automates the process of identifying and tagging campers in your Photo & Video Blog.  Parents simply click a direct  link to view all of their child’s photos, and can even sign up for  automatic email notifications anytime their camper is tagged in new photos!  

As an administrator you can report on the number of times each camper appears in pictures so that everyone has  plenty of memories to share with their families  (even camera-shy campers!). 

Tony Stein
Camp Echo Lake

“I love CampSite! It’s made a major difference in the way we manage our camp. CampSite is easy to use, readily gives you important management and financial information, and has a user-friendly and intuitive interface for our parents, staff and administration. We just couldn’t be happier with the decision to go with CampSite!”

Tony Stein
Camp Echo Lake
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Transportation Management​

There’s no doubt that managing transportation is an overwhelming task. Ease the daily chaos with a system flexible enough to tackle any challenge. Camps can create unique bus schedules and even quickly update routes when those last-minute setbacks reveal themselves. Seamlessly coordinate bus schedules with parent pick up and drop off, airport runs, and more while consistently tracking attendance so every camper is accounted for. Always stay in the loop without the feeling of being in one.

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Donations + Extended Payments

In the real world, accepting payment for camp is not always as simple as getting a credit card number from Mom or Dad. CampSite’s Donations and Extended Payments module supercharges your camp’s financials by allowing for online payment collection from third-parties like non-profits, government agencies or anyone else with an email address. If you’re a non-profit camp, it also replaces your existing fundraising software and brings donation functionality directly into the CampSite system you know and love!

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Parent to Camper​ Communication

CampSite’s Parent to Camper Communication allows parents to quickly and easily send messages to their campers directly from the Parent Dashboard! Give parents the option to choose a fun theme and font for their message, and grant access to extended family members to send messages as well! When it’s time for “mail call” at camp, printing messages by division or bunk is quick and easy.

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Text Messaging​

Reach parents on a whole new level using the one thing they never leave home without—their mobile phones!

Store up to 4 mobile numbers per family and give parents the opportunity to opt-in or out at their leisure. Customize messages by including Merge Fields and send text messages en masse from the CampSite Dashboard without breaking a sweat. We will even designate a unique local telephone number, so parents will always know the message is related to camp.

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Phone Call Scheduling​

The time-consuming task of manually scheduling phone calls is a thing of the past. Painlessly create available call slots and allow parents to book calls for their children directly on the Parent Dashboard. Whether running a one-week or full-season overnight program, scheduling and tracking phone calls for campers has never been simpler.

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Activity Scheduling

At the end of the day, it’s all about the camper experience. Our cutting-edge technology gives camps the power to effortlessly assign a camper’s activities in advance or let them choose their activity on the spot.

With our intuitive drag-and-drop technology and tablet compatible interface, camps can schedule or adjust activities for groups, individual campers, and staff members at a moment’s notice. Quickly generate daily and weekly schedules for activity specialists, assignment reports for campers and staff, and frequency reports to track popular activities—saving the activity scheduling team hours each day and ensuring each camper has a full schedule ahead of them.

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Conference & Retreat Center Management

Do you open your camp facilities for retreats and conferences in the off-season? Look no further than CampSite! Easily rent and track dates, capacities, and quantities of your facilities and equipment so you know exactly what is available at all times. Group popular features to create and offer packages for even greater ease.

CampSite’s Conference and Retreat Center Management tools will bridge the gap between your in-season & off-season programming to create the only year-round camp management solution on the market.


With our customizable Events Registration Form, attendees can  sign up for events individually or as part of a group. Keep track of your attendees through their profile pages or pull important data using our Events Advanced Reporting function. Assign housing quickly using  our drag-and-drop Housing Board. With a separate Billing & Financial suite,   accounting is (still) pain-free: create rates for each event, offer installment plans, and batch process invoices!

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