Podcasts have become an incredible resource for camp professionals, offering a blend of expert insights, real-world experiences, and creative ideas that can transform your camp into a memorable and impactful experience for campers and staff alike. 

These podcasts can empower camp directors with knowledge that goes beyond the traditional confines of camp management. Each episode is a virtual toolbox, filled with expert advice, tried-and-true methods, and innovative approaches that have the power to shape your camp’s legacy. 

Top 8 Summer Camp Podcasts for Camp Directors 

Whether you’re a seasoned director or just starting out, these summer camp podcasts are a must-listen. Here are our favorites, in no particular order: 

1. There’s No Place Like Summer Camp

With nearly 100 episodes, There’s No Place Like Summer Camp, hosted by Andrew Waterhouse, gives a unique outsider’s perspective on American summer camps. Waterhouse traveled from his home in England all the way to Camp Honeystone in Atlanta, Georgia, to spend three months as their Outdoor Living Specialist. 

His stories highlight what makes camp culture special. It’s also filled with hilarious stories. There’s No Place Like Summer Camp is a fun podcast that’s perfect for those new to camp management and camp veterans alike. 

2. The Camp Owners Podcast

The Camp Owners Podcast by Go Camp Pro is a more business-focused take on summer camps. Episodes range from discussions of how to best integrate your kitchen staff into the camp culinary experience to making diversity an intentional choice at your camp. 

All episodes feature special guests, which means listeners will learn from varied points of view. Camp directors will find the tactical advice of this podcast especially useful. 

3. Beyond Camp

Another podcast by Go Camp Pro, Beyond Camp explores how the camp experience affects the rest of our lives. Episodes such as “Beyond Eco-Anxiety: Climate Change” and “Self-Love and Body Positivity” dive into how time at camp can impact these important topics. 

While most episodes are nearly an hour, this podcast has “Mini-Pod” episodes that are only around fifteen minutes long. 

4. SCamp Life

The SCamp Life podcast features three hosts who have weekly discussions about how to “add magic” to your summer camp. With nearly 200 episodes, this is a treasure trove of ideas! 

Recent episodes include “Ideas for Your Pirate Theme Week,” “Fun Items You Should Be Selling in Your Camp Store,” and “End of Season Staff Ideas.” 

5. Camp Cast 

Camp Menominee, a boys’ sleepaway camp in northern Wisconsin, hosts Camp Cast. This aptly named podcast is recorded while camp is in session and reviews what happened on each day. 

It’s both a fun listen and a fantastic model for other camp directors to follow. It may give you an idea of how to use podcasting to promote your camp in the future!

6. Campfire Conversation

Campfire Conversation is a seasonal podcast about lessons learned from summer camp. Guests from various camps, companies, and schools discuss leadership, camp maintenance, diversity, and more. 

Episodes are usually around thirty minutes long and worth every second of listening. The guests’ experiences are interesting and full of camp lessons. 

7. Building a Stomping Ground 

Stomping Ground, an overnight camp in upstate New York, has a podcast titled Building a Stomping Ground. Hosts discuss their camp curriculum, talk with other camp directors, and get honest about their struggles and successes as a nonprofit. 

They currently only have one season and most episodes are less than thirty minutes long. This is a great podcast for camp directors who want something short and sweet. 

8. The Summer Camp Society

The Summer Camp Society Podcast invites a huge array of esteemed guests and covers nuanced topics in a fun way. You can listen to an episode about exploring restorative justice, pop in for some five-minute expert talks, or learn more about creating a culture of belonging. 

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