As summer comes to a close, it opens up exciting opportunities for off-season projects. There are plenty of projects to improve your camp or supplement your cash flow before the next summer. 

Here, we’ve gathered some ideas for renovations, rebranding, marketing, and hosting other events. 


These off-season projects require a bit of determination and a healthy budget. However, now is the perfect time to get them done before campers return. 

Building updates 

Your camp’s buildings are a pillar of the camp experience. Use the off-season to to inspect them and make any repairs or updates that will improve campers’ experiences. 

Prep for landscaping

Some landscaping will have to wait for warmer weather, but get some prep done earlier to make it easier. For example, if you’ve been wanting to clear an area of trees or grass for a new feature or garden, get it done now before the spring. 

New outdoor features

Have you been wanting to add a playground, firepit, or other outdoor feature to your camp? Use this time to get it done. 


Transform your camp’s image with a reevaluation of your branding. It will also make for an extra-exciting reveal when the season picks up again!

Logo refresh 

When is the last time you redid your logo? Consider working with a graphic designer or branding expert to get a new take on your current look. Updating it before the busy season will be less of a surprise for campers and their parents and could attract new campers.

New print graphics 

Flyers and informational packet designs can get stale quickly. Revise both the information and graphics on your usual print materials for a fresh take on your physical advertising. 

Web overhaul

Your website is one of your camp’s most important assets. Parents of potential campers will go there first, and parents of current campers will go there for updates. Conduct a thorough review of its design and structure to ensure it’s well-designed and functional before the spring and summer. 

Build a new marketing plan 

The off-season is also an ideal time to plan your marketing efforts for the following season. You can make tweaks to your past plans or go for something new. 

Social media calendar 

What new strategies can you implement on your social media accounts leading up to the new season? Build a social media content calendar leading up to the start of camp. Planning posts now will mean less stress closer to camp, so you have more time to focus on campers and staff. 

Paid advertising 

If you haven’t tried paid advertising before, run some small experiments now. You don’t have to spend a lot on social media or Google to determine if paid ads could benefit your camp. 

Foster partnerships

Get together with local businesses, schools, and libraries to form mutually beneficial partnerships. These things take time to work out and contract, so the off-season is ideal for this. 

Host other events 

Using your camp for other events is a project that’s all about off-season cash flow. This is definitely one of the most involved and expensive off-season projects, but it can be worth it when you make that money back (and then some).  Using CampSite’s Events module, you can effortlessly manage the registration process for the different events listed below along with different seasonal or even year-round events that your organization hosts!

Business retreats 

Reach out to local businesses and offer to host a staff retreat for them. These usually only last a day or two and can also be the start of a partnership with that business. 

Holiday parties 

Rent out your space for get-togethers around the winter holidays. Ask partiers to bring their own decor so it’s even less work for you. 

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birthdays and other traditional celebrations

Holiday parties aren’t the only parties going on in the off-season. Offer your camp space for these events as well. 

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