It’s common for many of our camps to look back at the previous sessions and programs they hosted. Here, they’ll audit processes that may still feel a little clunky or incomplete. CampSite wants you to optimize your camp management efforts across the board. Alongside our core product, we offer a variety of helpful, optional add-on modules. Today, we’ll look at a module that remedies a particularly overwhelming task: Transportation Management.

If you’re looking for a new way to manage camper transportation without feeling like you’re stuck in a logistical loop, this is the module for you. We remove the guesswork and frustration from your current transportation process. Instead, CampSite makes it easy to provide a hugely beneficial service that many camps just can’t do without. Read on for a deep dive into our Transportation module! You’ll see how it can impact the efforts your staff puts into managing routes, bus capacities, camper attendance, and more. 

Camper Transportation Redefined

The Transportation module accommodates three different types of bus routes: central location, defined stop, and door-to-door. For each route, camps can create both “Arriving” and “Departing” buses. These take campers to camp and away from camp, respectively. 

In addition to our route options, our Transportation module has an abundance of capabilities to make sure your camp has every detail – and camper – covered. 

To start, CampSite integrates with Google Maps. This allows us to provide camps an accurate map of the area your buses need to cover. The map doubles as an interactive platform where you can easily create customized bus routes that prioritize convenience. Cluster together groups of camper addresses, central locations, or unique pick-up and drop-off points. You can then deliver turn-by-turn directions for each route to your bus drivers to minimize unnecessary detours, delays, or confusion. 

Once you create a bus route, camp staff can set bus capacities to ensure they have enough buses to fulfill the scheduled routes without exceeding maximum rider limits. Assign staff to buses as “bus counselors” as desired to manage campers and observe ways to improve routes. 

Camps can present parents with a special Transportation Form that allows them to specify which method of transportation their camper will use (either bus or parent/guardian pick-up and dropoff). You can elect to present additional custom transportation questions for parents as needed. Plus, you can even consider offering discounted pricing to incentivize a particular method of travel. You can quickly update the Transportation Form in your Admin Dashboard.

Transportation & Attendance Tracking

The Transportation module conveniently integrates with the CampSite Attendance Tracking feature so that you can keep an accurate account of all campers anytime, anywhere. Staff can generate bus rosters, either daily or weekly, to get a specific list of which bus is expecting which campers. If you mark a camper absent from camp that day, the transportation module will automatically exclude their name from that day’s bus roster. 

The benefits of using CampSite to host your transportation efforts are many. First, your bus routes, rosters, preferences, and history will be securely stored in the same place as the rest of your camp management operations. Our Advanced Reporting feature syncs with this module to make it easy for you to pull reports and view data. Lastly, your transportation management staff will have full access to our expert (and friendly!) support and training team. 

More information on our Transportation module or our CampSite camp management software is just a click away! Get started by requesting a free personalized demo or contacting us today!