Although this time of year sends many camps into their off-season, a lack of campers doesn’t necessarily mean your camp operations come to a standstill.  In fact, aside from the administrative work that must be done throughout the year, more camps are utilizing their facilities even when camp isn’t in session.

CampSite has built out two significant modules to help camps manage these very efforts. Whether you’re hosting conferences, throwing donor events, or renting retreat space to third parties, we have a solution for you. With CampSite, you can enjoy comprehensive camp management all year long. 

Read on to see how CampSite offers off-season camp management solutions to accommodate our clients year-round. Our Events module and Conference and Retreat module can help you save time and stay organized while taking advantage of your camp’s facilities!

Expand Camp Management with…

Events Module

Our Events module is designed to help camp staff run and manage off-season events for any audience. Using a customizable Events Registration Form, attendees can easily sign up for events individually or as part of a group. For every attendee or group that registers, CampSite creates and stores a profile page containing their important information. You can easily access attendee profiles at any time. 

For events that call for on-site housing, camp admin can organize attendees with our drag and drop housing tool. We make it easy to assign people to rooms with just a few clicks. Plus, a visual overview of your housing board will leave you assured that every attendee is placed in the right room or location. CampSite’s Events module removes the guesswork from do-it-yourself organization and makes it easy to accommodate events of all kinds.  

Conferences and Retreats Module

Do you rent your camp facilities out to third party organizations or groups during the off-season? If so, then our Conferences and Retreats module was made for you. With the Conferences and Retreats module, you can rent portions of your facilities or the entire property out as desired. 

Easily track dates, capacities, and quantities of your facilities and equipment so you know exactly what’s available on what dates. Plus, you can group popular facility features together to create custom or commonly used rental packages. 

In both the Events and Conferences and Retreats features, camps will find a comprehensive Billing Suite. Here, you have the ability to create and manage invoices, apply discounts, accept payments and more. Plus, our Advanced Reporting feature works alongside both modules so camps can easily access a wide range of valuable data. 

Optimizing Your Camp With CampSite

If you’re ready to explore off-season camp management and make the most out of your facilities, the Events and Conferences and Retreats modules are a sure step in the right direction. Coupled with our core CampSite offering and an expert customer support team, we’ll have your camp totally covered year-round! 

For more information on CampSite’s off-season modules, please request a personalized demo or email us at