Facial Recognition: Camper Photo Management Made Easy

facial recognition makes camper photo management a breeze!

Innovating Camp with Facial Recognition

Our Facial Recognition module is one of our most popular a la carte features. It works alongside the Photo and Video Blog feature in our Camp Today dashboard. Both camp admin and parents benefit from this innovative feature. It aims to reduce the camp’s workload while increasing parent-camper communication. 

This time of year, many of our camps are hard at work in various stages of their camp seasons. We know there is a tremendous amount of preparation that occurs behind the scenes of a successful camp. Then, your campers arrive! We understand how important it is to be able to capture and share the excitement and adventure of your camp as it comes to life!

Powered by Amazon Rekognition, CampSite’s Facial Recognition module is the latest in advanced camp management technology. All your admin team needs to do is simply upload a reference photo of each camper. From there, the module uses this reference to automate the process of identifying and tagging campers in photos and videos on the Camp Today dashboard. 

Saving Time with Automation

This feature alone has saved camp administrative teams countless hours of manual work. As an administrator, you can pull reports on the number of times each camper appears in pictures. So, your team can be sure that everyone has plenty of memories to share with their families. Even better, our Facial Recognition feature identifies and tags your campers in real-time as you upload new photos and videos. 

Improving Parent Communication

This is great news for parents who are used to the sometimes weeks-long wait for the opportunity to view or purchase camp photos. Many camps are even using Facial Recognition to improve communication with parents. New photos and videos serve as a way to routinely update parents on their camper’s adventures while camp is in session. Parents simply click a direct link to view all of their children’s photos in their Camp Today dashboard. They can even sign up for automatic email notifications anytime you tag their camper in a new picture!

There’s no better way to do camp photos! Our Facial Recognition feature is available as an add-on module to your core CampSite program. Our expert support team offers free training so your camp can start taking advantage of the benefits right away!

For more information on our Facial Recognition feature, and to see how it can change the photo-sharing process for your camp, request your free demo today!

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The Best Tech In Camp Management Software

Best tech for camp management photo

Thinking about technology operating alongside summer or day camps can create a complex image. Phones, computers, and other gadgets can be viewed as obstacles at camp, posing more  as a distraction from enjoying camp activities than a benefit. Whatever your view on the relationship between tech and campers, the productivity benefits of camp software are undeniable. Technology has become such an integral part of running a camp, from cell phones, to action cameras to camp software itself! So we decided to rank  our favorites for the top must have tech features in camp software!

A Cloud Service:

Chances are you’ve heard this term thrown around in the tech world or even at your camp. A “cloud service” allows instant access to vast amounts of data from anywhere—without worrying about storing photos, files, and forms yourself. This means if you fill out a form while enabling a cloud service, “the cloud” stores that form away where it can be updated or accessed in seamless fashion. Camper photos, camper medical forms, staff resumes and more. It’s all readily available to you.

Are cloud services popular? Sure! In fact, the world’s largest cloud platform, Amazon Cloud hosts some of the web’s most popular services – Netflix, Pinterest, and of course, – to name just a few. In addition, we use Amazon Cloud to host CampSite!

Facial Recognition Technology:

This awesome feature lets parents locate their children in camp photos instantly, saving all the trouble of looking through albums of camp pictures from their camp counselor. The Facial Recognition is one of the most innovative features to connect both parents and campers in a fast and convenient manner.

You may have not even noticed the power of facial recognition tech at work. It’s on social media when you upload a photo of your friends and you’re asked to confirm the names attributed to the people in the photo. This means the next time a photo is uploaded with the same people, the program recognizes them with better
accuracy and your photos are easier to find of people you’re looking for. This feature is a dream come true for many parents since it saves them time and energy. The alternative is a mild dread when considering how to keep track of handfuls of
camp photos.

Text Messaging:

Most messaging services also let you archive conversations and set notifications, while others allow so much more. Because text messaging is a near essential in our everyday lives, staff that use texting as part of their camp management strategy are being able to send mass messages to all camper families about crucial information, from event changes, updates and emergencies. Messages instantly land on the appropriate parent’s phone inbox for quick and easy viewing. So how does text messaging impact the relationships between parents and staff? For one, it becomes faster. Similarly, it makes communication over smaller issues much simpler than email or phone. For example, a text message to a campers parent that their swimming goggles broke and to send a new pair, saves the time of making the call or going back and forth on an email thread.

Rollover Data:

Contact information, session dates, forms, notes, tuition plans, forms, more forms… we could go on about the enrollment and registration process! We understand how it can take the entire day away from you. With a feature like CampSite’s rollover tech, we automatically populate registration forms and fields based on previous entries. This camp management software fan-favored feature makes the process hardly a process at all. Not when it’s much faster and more efficient than before!

Our rollover data feature includes nearly every fillable form or field we offer. From parent’s contact information, notes, enrollment options, session dates, tuition plans, to discounts and forms, it’s all retained and open for editing at any time. Make sure your camp management software asks what you want to roll over to the next year!

Camp Management Software:

How could we not have camp management software on the list? It’s what CampSite is all about! A camp software CRM is the biggest tech powerhouse in the camp industry. Why? Because cloud-based, robust software serves as an all-in-one answer to your camp management needs. You can operate all of the features listed above and more easily and efficiently. So go ahead and give camp management software a try! With CampSite, you can send a massive “Welcome!” text to all your campers, launch facial recognition for all camper parents to easily locate their children in photos, re-enroll campers for future camp adventures, and so much more!

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