Innovating Camp with Facial Recognition

Our Facial Recognition module is one of our most popular a la carte features. It works alongside the Photo and Video Blog feature in our Camp Today dashboard. Both camp admin and parents benefit from this innovative feature. It aims to reduce the camp’s workload while increasing parent-camper communication. 

This time of year, many of our camps are hard at work in various stages of their camp seasons. We know there is a tremendous amount of preparation that occurs behind the scenes of a successful camp. Then, your campers arrive! We understand how important it is to be able to capture and share the excitement and adventure of your camp as it comes to life!

Powered by Amazon Rekognition, CampSite’s Facial Recognition module is the latest in advanced camp management technology. All your admin team needs to do is simply upload a reference photo of each camper. From there, the module uses this reference to automate the process of identifying and tagging campers in photos and videos on the Camp Today dashboard. 

Saving Time with Automation

This feature alone has saved camp administrative teams countless hours of manual work. As an administrator, you can pull reports on the number of times each camper appears in pictures. So, your team can be sure that everyone has plenty of memories to share with their families. Even better, our Facial Recognition feature identifies and tags your campers in real-time as you upload new photos and videos. 

Improving Parent Communication

This is great news for parents who are used to the sometimes weeks-long wait for the opportunity to view or purchase camp photos. Many camps are even using Facial Recognition to improve communication with parents. New photos and videos serve as a way to routinely update parents on their camper’s adventures while camp is in session. Parents simply click a direct link to view all of their children’s photos in their Camp Today dashboard. They can even sign up for automatic email notifications anytime you tag their camper in a new picture!

There’s no better way to do camp photos! Our Facial Recognition feature is available as an add-on module to your core CampSite program. Our expert support team offers free training so your camp can start taking advantage of the benefits right away!

For more information on our Facial Recognition feature, and to see how it can change the photo-sharing process for your camp, request your free demo today!