Camper Medical Reports

There is certainly no way we can overstate how valuable it is to have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of your camp’s health. Your camp’s health, of course, begins with your campers! CampSite offers an extensive Advanced Reporting feature. This allows camp admin to pull up-to-date records on a number of vitally informative medical data.

We’ve highlighted below three highly useful reports that many camp directors turn to during registration and camp season. Plus, we’ll introduce an expansion of our popular immunizations reporting tool!

Camper Medical Report 1:

General Health History

The General Health History report is a great way to access a high-level overview of a camper’s health histories and current needs. Our Advanced Reporting feature is packed with field and filter options. So, creating segments based on unique criteria is easier than ever. Camp admin can narrow searches based on whether or not campers have had past critical injury, infectious disease, surgery, seizures, diabetes, and so much more.

With just a few clicks, you’ll also be able to run reports on campers with histories of common health afflictions. Knowing which campers have experienced headaches, dizziness, or asthma can help your team better plan and prepare for activities that may encourage those symptoms. It’s easy to pull a list of campers who have trouble sleeping, too. With reporting, you can more easily accommodate the needs of all campers. With comprehensive health history reports on each camper, your team can enter the camp season informed and prepared!

Camper Medical Report 2:


With an Advanced Reporting function for allergies, you can easily reassure parents that their children’s allergy sensitivities will be taken seriously. Run allergy reports based on allergy name, allergy type, number of allergies and more. You can elect to pull a list of campers based on critical allergies, too.

Access to fast, reliable allergy reports is crucial for maintaining a standard of safety and medical care for all campers at all times. Your medical team will have plenty of time to review camper’s allergy needs before the season begins. This way they can be stocked and responsive should they have to administer care. These reports also come in handy during meal and menu-planning so you can offer the right amount of healthy alternatives. Without accurate reporting, preparing to accommodate campers and a variety of allergies is nearly impossible!

Camper Medical Report 3:

Prohibited OTC

Many parents have their own personal preferences when it comes to which over-the-counter medications they want their children to have access to. It can be hard keeping that information straight. It’s even harder making sure it’s accessible to the team members who might administer a remedy.

With our Advanced Reporting feature, you can quickly pull a report of all campers who have a forbidden over-the-counter request in their profiles. This will reveal the names of each over-the-counter medication. From there, you can easily make a list of some of the most frequently mentioned items to avoid. Plus, you can be sure to have natural or other alternatives in stock in your camp’s infirmary. You can consider posting the report in plain sight so your medical staff can easily reference it as they’re treating campers.

Camper Medical Report Update:


CampSite’s ability to offer reliable reporting on immunization has long been a favored feature in our medical module. Camp administrators have been able to pull immunization records for campers and staff as needed. The American Camp Association strongly urges that all camps know the immunization status of every camper and staff member, regardless of each camp’s vaccination policy.  

We understand this request and the necessity of having access to information like immunization records in different contexts. Because of this, we’ve recently expanded the accessibility of our immunization report fields to our Advanced Reporting feature. Housing immunization information within Advanced Reporting allows camp staff to pull comprehensive camper (and staff) immunization reports like never before.

As it was, immunization information is still only available to users who have been granted the appropriate medical permissions. The key difference now is that immunization fields can be grouped with many other fields. Select bunking boards, health history, enrollment, and more to create uniquely segmented camper populations.

Then, as with all of our advanced reports, camp staff can email or even text message parents in real time. Keep families in the loop with relevant inquiries or important updates with just the click of a button. This feature should be a tremendous aid to your medical staff as you work to provide a safe, fun camp experience for all!

Customize for Your Camp

CampSite is a strong believer in providing reliable, accurate reporting capabilities without the hassle or headache. We work hard to incorporate as many campers and staff data points as we can so that our camps have access to information when they need it. We do not expect all camps to have the need to refer to all of these camper medical reports; they are simply suggestions. We like to share with you what’s worked for other successful camps so you have the power to make the best decisions for yours! VIP Dating near me.

Ready to see how CampSite’s Advanced Reporting feature can benefit your camp? Request a free demo today!