As many summer camps head toward their off-seasons, we wanted to highlight one of our financial modules. This module offers major benefits to CampSite users who strive for more organization in their back-office processes. Our Donations and Extended Payments module makes simpler the tasks of collecting, tracking and managing donations and payments. 

Read about this popular financial module to see how it can simplify camp donations and extended payments management. Then, apply it to your own operations!

Feature Benefits

Offered as an A la Carte feature, our Donations and Extended Payments module supercharges to your camp’s financial processes. This is an especially important feature for non-profit camps or camps who rely on external support. The module allows for quick online payment collection from a variety of third parties. Plus, it can replace your existing fundraising software entirely. 

The Donations and Extended Payments module offers a full range of donation and payment management tools. Stay on top of donor organization by easily creating, editing, and deleting donor files as needed within the admin dashboard. Then choose to attach donor notes to customize the record with additional information you can easily share with other users. 

It’s not uncommon for a relative, a family friend, or even a government agency to make contributions toward camp fees. CampSite’s Extended Payments functionality allows anyone with an email address to log in to a secure portal. From there, they can quickly view and pay for a camper’s charges. It’s incredibly easy to set up and prevents needless back-and-forth. Similarly, collecting camp donations and payments is faster and more secure than traditional offline methods. 

This module also syncs with our Advanced Reporting tool so users can pull valuable information with just a few clicks. You can view, manage, save and export reports to stay up-to-date on the status of donations, payments, and donors. Plus, communicating with donors and payees becomes more convenient than ever before. Users can send emails from the Advanced Reporting dashboard directly to donors generated in a report, all within seconds. 

Routine Updates 

We routinely assess the value of every feature we offer our camps. Then, we work hard to incorporate new updates we believe will most benefit your management efforts. This year we’ve made two small but significant changes to our Donations and Extended Payments module.

Firstly, we now support one-click refunds for general donations and payment requests. This makes it easier for camps to accommodate donor contributions and requests. In addition, admin can now automate and customize the donation acceptance process. Set a default transaction category to tag all new donations and third-party payments.

In conclusion, for camps looking to organize, customize, and automate their donations and payments, this module is for you. It’s easy to integrate this feature into your existing CampSite service. As always, our support team offers year-round free training. We’ll show you just how this feature will benefit your camp’s unique needs!

If you’re interested in joining the hundreds of camps nationwide that use CampSite, please request a demo today!