Top 7 Qualities to Look For When Hiring Camp Counselors (with Example Interview Questions)

Feeling pressure to pick the right camp counselors? Good – you probably should. 

It’s extremely important that the children/teens at your camp are around trustworthy counselors whom they respect. It’s also essential that parents feel safe leaving their kids with the counselors you choose. 

So, how do you narrow it down and find the counselors of your dreams? Start by checking off all the qualities below. 

Your counselors must have…

#1: Patience 

Working with kids can be exhausting. The right counselor candidate will love kids and have the patience to prove it. 

To determine if your candidate has the required patience, ask them questions like: 

  • Tell me about a time someone really tested your patience. How did you respond? 
  • How would you handle it if a camper was not being uncooperative? 
  • People say patience is a virtue. What does that statement mean to you? 

#2: Respect 

A camp counselor must be respectful not only to you and other staff members but also to the campers they work with. It’s easier for kids to show respect if they’re respected first, and a good counselor will know this. 

Ask these questions to learn about a counselor candidate’s views on respect: 

  • How do you show respect to people younger than you? Give an example. 
  • What would you do if a camper was being disrespectful toward you or another counselor? 
  • How will you earn the respect of campers? Of fellow counselors? 

#3: Leadership

Being a camp counselor requires leading small groups and knowing how to take charge. Determine a potential counselor’s leadership skills with these questions: 

  • Tell me about your favorite leader. What did they do to show their leadership? 
  • When you’re in charge of a group, how do you handle internal conflict? 
  • If a camper or another counselor did something wrong, how would you give them feedback? 

#4: Positivity 

Positive counselors will create a positive atmosphere for campers. This atmosphere will be happier, more collaborative, and easier to manage. 

Ask candidates these questions to gauge their level of positivity: 

  • Tell me about a time you turned something negative into something positive. How did you start thinking about it differently?
  • Pretend there’s a day at camp where everything seems to be going wrong. How do you make the campers feel better about it? 
  • Do you see yourself as optimistic? Why or why not? 

#5: Adaptability 

No matter how much you plan, something surprising will always happen at camp. Counselors should be flexible and able to adapt to whatever circumstances (or campers) throw at them. 

Use these interview questions to determine adaptability in a potential counselor: 

  • Give me an example of a time when something unexpected came up at school or work. How did you adapt? 
  • How do you feel about learning new things? 
  • If a camper was having trouble adapting to a big change, how would you help them? 

#6: High energy 

Camp can involve long days and not much social downtime. Your counselors will need to have the energy to keep up with the campers and all the activities you have planned. 

Here are some questions you can ask about energy levels: 

  • How do you balance your work and/or school life with extracurricular and social activities? 
  • What do you do when you feel like you’re running out of energy? 
  • Describe your ideal daily routine. How would you fit in everything you want to do? 

#7: Open-mindedness

Last but not least, all of your counselors should be open-minded. Your campers will come from various backgrounds and have widely varying personalities, as will the other counselors. Getting along with and accepting others is a must. 

To gauge open-mindedness, include these questions in your interview: 

  • Give me an example of a time when you changed your mind. What made you think differently? How did you react?
  • Why is it important to you to work with people that have backgrounds different from your own? 
  • If a camper was going through something that you didn’t personally understand, how would you react? 


5 Online Tools Every Camp Director Should Know About

Without a doubt, we are living in a digital age. With that, many organizations and businesses are taking advantage of online tools to manage work, increase collaboration, and maximize their time. Summer camps are no exception. While summer months are spent with your campers, we know that the rest of the year is spent gearing up for the upcoming season. 

Having easy to use online tools makes those days spent organizing camp projects more productive and not only that, even fun – and who doesn’t want that? 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite online tools (broken down by need!):

Project Management/Productivity


Trello is one of many online project management tools out there. Project management tools like Trello help boost productivity by making completing tasks a lot more manageable. Described as being easy to use and highly-visual, Trello has won the approval of many professionals (including us here at CampSite!).

Trello can help you manage to-do lists along with stay updated on assignments you may have handed off to your camp staff. Colorful cards and boards make the platform visually appealing for those who like a lively workspace!  It’s especially great during the off-season as you prepare for your upcoming summer camp season!



Gone are the days of filing cabinets overflowing with paper documents and what-have-yous. Dropbox is an online tool that makes not only storing camp documents but searching for them super simple. For your camp, this could include anything from CIT training handbooks to summer camp brochures!

One of the major benefits of Dropbox is how convenient it is. You can access all your files through any mobile device, wherever you are. This makes it easy to share camp documents with the rest of your team!



For many of us, 2020 has brought in numerous challenges. This includes shifting to a more remote work setting. Because of this, many of us have had to get accustomed to communicating with our team virtually. Slack is one of several online collaboration tools that help make this transition smoother. Online tools like Slack also provide year-round benefits for summer camps who may need to connect with staff who may only work on-site during the summer.

Using Slack, you can connect with individual staff members through direct chats and even with multiple staff members at the same time. Chat rooms or ‘channels’ in Slack make it easy to organize conversations by topic or departments at your organization. Another benefit of online collaboration tools like Slack is the ability to quickly share files with your staff – plus Slack also integrates with Dropbox!



Canva is an online design tool that is great for summer camps! Whether you are interested in adding flair to your existing marketing material for next season or just need a little inspiration, Canva pretty much has you covered. 

Canva is a trusted place for design beginners and professionals to create high-quality marketing materials.  It can help you elevate your social media posts and outreach content. By offering design templates, Canva is especially helpful if you regularly send newsletters to your families!  Design tools like Canva will help keep families engaged all year round!

Google Analytics

If you consider yourself a little on the tech-savvy side,  Google Analytics is worth checking out! Google Analytics is an online web analytics tool that will take your camp marketing to a whole new level. 

In a nutshell, Google Analytics helps you track and analyze traffic that runs through your website. Not only how much traffic but the type of traffic and where traffic is coming from. With online tools like Google Analytics, you can identify trends and improve your camp marketing strategies!

We like Google Analytics so much that CampSite offers a feature that integrates Google Analytics tracking codes directly into selected CampSite public-facing pages! This provides our camps with the ability to collect data on families who have expressed interest through CampSite or have even gone as far as starting the enrollment process!

Whether you are interested in maximizing productivity, or simply just need a little marketing boost for your camp website, there is something out there for you to explore.

These are just a few online tools that have changed the game for professionals across all industries including summer camps. Living in this digital age has its perks – including having a myriad of online tool options that not only help make our work days shorter but even more enjoyable!  

Is your camp running on CampSite?  Request a free, personalized demo  to explore our comprehensive camp management software today!


5 Easy Marketing Techniques for Reaching Camp Families Throughout The Year

Even though your particular camp might only be in session for part of a season, there are plenty of ways to stay connected with your community throughout the year. You can send updates to camp families easily with a variety of channels and mediums. We’ll explore some of the most popular ways to connect with – and compel! – your campers and their families. 


With CampSite, you can send mass text messages to hundreds, even thousands, of your database contacts with just a few clicks. Text messages are a convenient way to reach parents quickly – no matter where they are. Text messaging is super useful during the camp season to communicate with individual families or a whole group. But it shouldn’t be dismissed as a great way to provide instant updates on session offerings or community news during the off-season. 


By now, everyone knows that email is a reliable method for providing relevant and useful content to subscribers. Surprisingly, a well-planned email strategy isn’t as common. Consider the messaging you could send camp families year-round that would be interesting, engaging, and informative.

Determine how frequently you’d like to send it – a monthly or quarterly newsletter, for instance – and plan the rough outline ahead of time. Use our Email Scheduling feature to draft and schedule emails for a future send date right inside the CampSite dashboard. Consistent, quality messaging is key when it comes to an effective email strategy!

Social Media

Make it easy for your campers, families, and staff to find you on social media. Popular channels include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. Sign up for all five and keep a steady stream of content flowing to each (you can post the same content across channels) so people know you’re actively in business. Tools like HootSuite, Sprout Social, and Buffer can help you manage your social media.

Once you’ve committed to your channels, include “Follow Us!” icons for each on your website, email footers, and any other brand messaging. Social media is one of the best ways to inform families of session updates like new offerings – and engage with them, too. 

Direct Mail

It may seem like a thing of the past… but snail mail is still effective! Direct mail marketing your camp is a great way to reach new and prospective camp families alike. With the help of a free design platform like Canva, it’s never been easier to come up with your own graphics.

Direct mail is most effective when sent a few times over to the same mailing list. Because of that, it’s a perfect off-season marketing or remarketing campaign that you can set-and-forget. For existing camp families, include information about the upcoming season and shout out highlights from the past (pictures always appreciated!). 

Video Content

Create a library of engaging content that your community can access at any time of year. YouTube, or a similar video streaming service, is your best bet for getting started. Create yearbook slideshows commemorating past seasons, post videos of camper-favored activities or songs, feature updates from counselors or directors, and more.

You can easily share video content across social media. Plus, it’s a fun way to get some facetime in with your community no matter where they are or what time of year it is. 

Engaging and updating your camp families throughout the year has never been easier. So with a little planning, content creation, and a list of camp contacts, you’ll be on your way to a comprehensive outreach plan. Keep your camp experience top-of-mind no matter the season!

Is your camp running on CampSite? Request a free, personalized demo to explore our comprehensive camp management software today!


How Responsive Camp Software Appeals To Staff and Families

With over half of all internet traffic coming from mobile devices in 2019, responsive web design is more important than ever before. By definition, a responsive web design means that a web page will display correctly on any device regardless of screen size. The page retains the intended format, functionality, and navigation. It becomes easy to provide a highly customized experience on even the smallest of devices. It’s pretty impressive; most internet users can tell immediately if a web page doesn’t live up to this standard. 

An unresponsive web page doesn’t translate as seamlessly on smaller devices. This can lead to wonky formatting, oversized or micro-text, image or widget misplacements, and a difficult-to-navigate interface. There’s no doubt that users prefer a web page that they can interact with whether they’re at home or on the go – without sacrificing the experience. 

Nowadays, most camps communicate with their staff and camp families through web portals and online dashboards. Responsive design is necessary to effectively communicate and exchange information, no matter where they are.   

Responsive Camp Software Is Convenient For Camp Families 

As you know, many camp families are on the move. Offering a responsive parent dashboard lets parents check for updates, complete tasks, make payments, and enjoy camper videos and photos. They’ll have access whether they’re on a lunch break or on vacation! The responsive parent dashboard retains all of the same robust functionality parents are familiar with on their desktops. This means they have 24/7 access to the information that matters most – right at their fingertips. 

Responsive Design Smooths Out Camp’s Application Processes

Younger generations know all too well the perks of responsive design; they can do almost anything on their mobile devices. Don’t let your staff miss out on the same experience when they engage with your camp’s Staff Dashboard. Your prospective staff will be able to fill out forms, share documents, and provide qualifications as usual. But now, they can do it all on their mobile phones or tablets anywhere with an internet connection. 

Busy teens, college students, and professionals on-the-go can easily apply from anywhere (instead of putting it off for “later”). This is a big win from a recruitment perspective. Remove a common barrier that can deter qualified candidates: an application process that only works best from a desktop computer. 

The Right Software for Your Community

You can see how responsive camp software can make a huge difference in how your camp’s community interacts with your brand. Luckily, it’s easy to offer your families and staff the convenience they’re searching for. CampSite’s core product includes the responsive parent dashboard. The a la carte Staff module just released a default responsive design upgrade. As technology progresses at the speed of light, there’s no better time to offer your community a camp software service that meets and exceeds user expectations!

To hear more about CampSite’s Responsive Parent Dashboard and Responsive Staff Dashboard, request your free personalized demo today!


COVID-19: Community Resources for Summer Camps

COVID-19 community resources for summer camps

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has affected virtually every aspect of our lives, especially camp. The decisions you’re making now are more critical than ever before. Many summer camps are waiting for guidance from their city or state regarding health and quarantine updates. Some camps have already made the extremely difficult decision to close and still more are coming up with creative solutions like virtual experiences and activities they can offer their communities instead. We know this isn’t an easy time.

In true camp fashion, we’ve seen our community come together like never before to brainstorm, boost morale, problem-solve, and share important COVID-19 updates. We’ve seen a lot of magic happen in a few online spaces in particular that we think many camps could benefit from. 

Each of these discussion groups is facilitated by the camp industry and its community members. These resources are all online, 100% collaborative and intended to inform and inspire its members. 

Summer Camp Professionals

Summer Camp Professionals is a free Facebook group that has climbed to over 20,000 members in its ten-year history. You need a Facebook account to answer a few basic camp-related questions to request access to the private group. However, the group administrators are quick to admit members. With over fifty posts a day covering a range of topics, Summer Camp Professionals is sure to be a valuable ongoing resource throughout the year. 

Click to request access to Summer Camp Professionals on Facebook. 

COVID-19 + Camps

When a crisis hits, creativity is never far behind, and COVID-19 + Camps is a great demonstration of that. Hosted on Slack, this grassroots mega-forum was created by camp professionals who realized the need for extra resources surrounding COVID-19. The free Slack workspace has insight on just about everything: communicating with parents and staff, decision-making, virtual camps, and offers a whole network of support. Plus, the 2,000-some members have created a MegaDoc of COVID-19 resources that you can easily share with your team. 

Click here to join the COVID-19 + Camps Slack workspace.

ACA Open Forum 

The American Camp Association hosts a Member Open Forum on their website, allowing members to log in and ask questions and start meaningful discussion threads. Although the forum is open year-round, discussions have heavily centered around how camps are responding to COVID-19. The ACA is a reputable member of the camp industry; this forum is a great opportunity to learn something new and network with other members. 

Click here to learn about the ACA or log in to the Member’s Open Forum.

At CampSite, we specialize in camp management software. We remain informed and educated about the challenges our camps face so we can better support them. We hope these resources will be as beneficial to your organization as they have been for ours. 

If you have a camp community resource that you’d like others to know about, please let us know by sending us an email at

Visit our blog homepage for more camp management resources!


Online Camp Registration: How an Updated Process Helps Parents

There’s no way around it: people are automating and simplifying their lives by opting in for solutions that prioritize convenience. When it comes to camp registration, there is little exception. CampSite’s camp management platform comes not just with a fully-stocked administrative dashboard. We also host an intuitive, responsive Parent Dashboard designed to make registration easier than ever. Read on for the benefits of forgoing a clunky, paper-intensive process in favor of a sleek online registration system.


There’s certainly an advantage to offering your families an easy and convenient way to register their campers. To start, it cuts down the time and energy they might otherwise spend filling out and submitting a paper application with payment or navigating an outdated registration portal. In contrast, our Parent Dashboard boasts a convenient responsive design. This allows parents to register their campers on any device without sacrificing format or layout. This turns camp registration from a laborious task into a process parents can easily complete without the added effort.

Ease of Access

A well-designed online camp registration process also allows parents to easily view and select the right sessions for their campers. Plus, they can make requests and add important information to their camper profiles. With their own unique login, parents can enter the Parent Dashboard at any time to update information on their campers. The responsive dashboard allows for real-time changes on-the-go, which is particularly useful for busy families. 

Intuitive Process

CampSite admin can customize their parents’ online camp registration in a variety of ways. Show parents only the sessions their children are eligible for based on demographics or logical conditioning to reduce overwhelm. Choose and create forms your families should fill out to build a comprehensive camper profile that helps your team better manage campers. Parents experience a smooth, step-by-step registration process complete with electronic signatures and secure checkout. 

Camp Credibility 

Not only will your camp enjoy the added credibility that comes with a smartly-designed registration process. Hosting registration on a central platform like CampSite helps this effort. Registrations are free of system time-outs, payment errors or any number of technical hiccups a self-hosted registration system might encounter. Plus, you can customize the experience with your logo and camp colors so families feel like they’re on your website. 

The benefits your families will experience when you host online camp registration through CampSite are many. Your families will enjoy an intuitive, convenient Parent Dashboard customized to their needs! 

Ready to see how CampSite can change the way you run camp? Request your free, personalized demo!


Facial Recognition: Camper Photo Management Made Easy

facial recognition makes camper photo management a breeze!

Innovating Camp with Facial Recognition

Our Facial Recognition module is one of our most popular a la carte features. It works alongside the Photo and Video Blog feature in our Camp Today dashboard. Both camp admin and parents benefit from this innovative feature. It aims to reduce the camp’s workload while increasing parent-camper communication. 

This time of year, many of our camps are hard at work in various stages of their camp seasons. We know there is a tremendous amount of preparation that occurs behind the scenes of a successful camp. Then, your campers arrive! We understand how important it is to be able to capture and share the excitement and adventure of your camp as it comes to life!

Powered by Amazon Rekognition, CampSite’s Facial Recognition module is the latest in advanced camp management technology. All your admin team needs to do is simply upload a reference photo of each camper. From there, the module uses this reference to automate the process of identifying and tagging campers in photos and videos on the Camp Today dashboard. 

Saving Time with Automation

This feature alone has saved camp administrative teams countless hours of manual work. As an administrator, you can pull reports on the number of times each camper appears in pictures. So, your team can be sure that everyone has plenty of memories to share with their families. Even better, our Facial Recognition feature identifies and tags your campers in real-time as you upload new photos and videos. 

Improving Parent Communication

This is great news for parents who are used to the sometimes weeks-long wait for the opportunity to view or purchase camp photos. Many camps are even using Facial Recognition to improve communication with parents. New photos and videos serve as a way to routinely update parents on their camper’s adventures while camp is in session. Parents simply click a direct link to view all of their children’s photos in their Camp Today dashboard. They can even sign up for automatic email notifications anytime you tag their camper in a new picture!

There’s no better way to do camp photos! Our Facial Recognition feature is available as an add-on module to your core CampSite program. Our expert support team offers free training so your camp can start taking advantage of the benefits right away!

For more information on our Facial Recognition feature, and to see how it can change the photo-sharing process for your camp, request your free demo today!

Already a CampSite user? Contact our support team to discuss adding Facial Recognition to your software!


4 Camper Medical Reports Every Camp Needs

camp medical reports

Camper Medical Reports

There is certainly no way we can overstate how valuable it is to have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of your camp’s health. Your camp’s health, of course, begins with your campers! CampSite offers an extensive Advanced Reporting feature. This allows camp admin to pull up-to-date records on a number of vitally informative medical data.

We’ve highlighted below three highly useful reports that many camp directors turn to during registration and camp season. Plus, we’ll introduce an expansion of our popular immunizations reporting tool!

Camper Medical Report 1:

General Health History

The General Health History report is a great way to access a high-level overview of a camper’s health histories and current needs. Our Advanced Reporting feature is packed with field and filter options. So, creating segments based on unique criteria is easier than ever. Camp admin can narrow searches based on whether or not campers have had past critical injury, infectious disease, surgery, seizures, diabetes, and so much more.

With just a few clicks, you’ll also be able to run reports on campers with histories of common health afflictions. Knowing which campers have experienced headaches, dizziness, or asthma can help your team better plan and prepare for activities that may encourage those symptoms. It’s easy to pull a list of campers who have trouble sleeping, too. With reporting, you can more easily accommodate the needs of all campers. With comprehensive health history reports on each camper, your team can enter the camp season informed and prepared!

Camper Medical Report 2:


With an Advanced Reporting function for allergies, you can easily reassure parents that their children’s allergy sensitivities will be taken seriously. Run allergy reports based on allergy name, allergy type, number of allergies and more. You can elect to pull a list of campers based on critical allergies, too.

Access to fast, reliable allergy reports is crucial for maintaining a standard of safety and medical care for all campers at all times. Your medical team will have plenty of time to review camper’s allergy needs before the season begins. This way they can be stocked and responsive should they have to administer care. These reports also come in handy during meal and menu-planning so you can offer the right amount of healthy alternatives. Without accurate reporting, preparing to accommodate campers and a variety of allergies is nearly impossible!

Camper Medical Report 3:

Prohibited OTC

Many parents have their own personal preferences when it comes to which over-the-counter medications they want their children to have access to. It can be hard keeping that information straight. It’s even harder making sure it’s accessible to the team members who might administer a remedy.

With our Advanced Reporting feature, you can quickly pull a report of all campers who have a forbidden over-the-counter request in their profiles. This will reveal the names of each over-the-counter medication. From there, you can easily make a list of some of the most frequently mentioned items to avoid. Plus, you can be sure to have natural or other alternatives in stock in your camp’s infirmary. You can consider posting the report in plain sight so your medical staff can easily reference it as they’re treating campers.

Camper Medical Report Update:


CampSite’s ability to offer reliable reporting on immunization has long been a favored feature in our medical module. Camp administrators have been able to pull immunization records for campers and staff as needed. The American Camp Association strongly urges that all camps know the immunization status of every camper and staff member, regardless of each camp’s vaccination policy.  

We understand this request and the necessity of having access to information like immunization records in different contexts. Because of this, we’ve recently expanded the accessibility of our immunization report fields to our Advanced Reporting feature. Housing immunization information within Advanced Reporting allows camp staff to pull comprehensive camper (and staff) immunization reports like never before.

As it was, immunization information is still only available to users who have been granted the appropriate medical permissions. The key difference now is that immunization fields can be grouped with many other fields. Select bunking boards, health history, enrollment, and more to create uniquely segmented camper populations.

Then, as with all of our advanced reports, camp staff can email or even text message parents in real time. Keep families in the loop with relevant inquiries or important updates with just the click of a button. This feature should be a tremendous aid to your medical staff as you work to provide a safe, fun camp experience for all!

Customize for Your Camp

CampSite is a strong believer in providing reliable, accurate reporting capabilities without the hassle or headache. We work hard to incorporate as many campers and staff data points as we can so that our camps have access to information when they need it. We do not expect all camps to have the need to refer to all of these camper medical reports; they are simply suggestions. We like to share with you what’s worked for other successful camps so you have the power to make the best decisions for yours!

Ready to see how CampSite’s Advanced Reporting feature can benefit your camp? Request a free demo today!


Camp Admin Software: Why Customization Matters

Camp Admin Software by CampSite

Camp Admin: Choosing Quality Software

Camp admin have their fair selection of camp management softwares to shop for these days. We stress the importance of choosing a software that meets all the needs of your camp. You’ll also want one that will be flexible moving forward as you evolve and grow. We’re big fans of flexibility and customization here at CampSite! To help you find the best software for your camp admin team, we’ve put together a reference list to remind you of the great benefits of customizable tools!

Increase Your Overall Ease of Use

The belief that running camp should be less about chaos and confusion and more about passion, meaningful programs, and happy campers is what inspired CampSite. So, we created a camp management software that would remove the headache from the pre-registration planning process. Plus, each and every camp admin can tailor CampSite to their own camps’ needs. Our easy-to-navigate admin dashboard highlights your favorite CampSite features and even boasts an Enrollment Setup Wizard expertly designed to guide you through the entire process.

Personalize Your Connection w/ Campers and Parents

Within CampSite’s admin dashboard is the opportunity to completely customize the Parent Dashboard (and registration process for parents). We designed the Parent Dashboard so that camp admin can easily create custom messaging and branding to represent their camp. This is a great way for your camp to offer a personal and unique registration experience while reinforcing your brand and mission. Of course, there are plenty of other customization options available to you in our admin dashboard, including registration forms!

Cater the Enrollment Process to Each Camper

Perhaps the most consistent feedback we get from our current clients is their love for how customizable the enrollment process is. Our Admin Dashboard has an Enrollment Setup Wizard that puts the control back in your hands. You can choose the information you want parents to see and elect which questions or inquiries show on forms. Better yet, you can create your own questions or prompts with multiple response possibilities (drop-down menu, open-ended text, and more!). Our flexible customization feature was the topic of praise at the American Camp Association’s National Conference this spring! Many camp admin are thankful they’re able to provide non-binary responses when collecting information on a camper’s gender. This is just one of the many ways CampSite allows you to create a comprehensive, customized enrollment process.

Fit the Software to Your Camp

More than anything, finding a camp management software that will fit to the design of your camp and its processes is crucial. A good software will also give you plenty of room to grow. CampSite software makes running camp easier, more efficient, and less time-consuming for any camp admin team. Our core package is an affordable bundle of some of our most sought-after features such as online registration, advanced reporting, our Parent Dashboard, and more! From there you can add on modules such as transportation management and medical management for an extra benefit. The power is all yours – we’re here to help along the way!

Think CampSite might be the right fit for your camp? Request a free demo today!

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Online Camp Registration: The Benefits of Taking Camp Digital

campers after camp registration

Camp Management Software

CampSite was created by camp directors, for camp directors to help streamline and automate a lot of the redundant tasks associated with camp management. It’s hard to believe there was a time when we all conducted business solely on paper – even camp registration!   It’s even still harder to believe many camps are struggling to find the best camp management solution for them.

That’s where CampSite comes in: our robust, intuitive camp software holds a lot of power, but its accessible and easy-to-navigate interface makes it easy to learn. Therefor, even if you don’t have a lot of experience in tech, you’ll become comfortable with it in no time.

We built CampSite around the task of all tasks: camp registration. Where camp, and most camp director’s headaches, begin! Our Online Camp Registration portal is a total game changer. It gives parents the ability to enroll their campers quickly and easily whether from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. This on-the-go functionality is a hit amongst busy parents who don’t want to sit down to hours of paperwork. There’s no scanning, faxing, or mailing either – everything is digitally filed and sent directly to your management portal!

Customizing the Parent Experience

Camp directors can customize the enrollment process, too. Add enrollment options, pose important questions, display necessary waivers and forms, and offer add-ons. In addition, you can set filters, such as age, interest, or other logic restrictions, that will allow parents to only see the enrollment sessions that are available to their children. This provides a more catered camp registration experience for the parents instead of having them browse through endless, irrelevant options. You can easily set all of this up with the help of our CampSite support team, or with your staff (it’s really that easy!).

Plus, for families who aren’t yet ready to enroll or just need some more information, camps can choose to add Request for Information forms and lead tracking tools for marketing purposes.

The Benefits of Online Camp Registration

So, what do the camps that use CampSite and our online camp registration tool gain? Time, energy, and the freedom and creativity to focus on other initiatives. Brainstorm up new program ideas, work on bunk scheduling, and of course, use our transportation module to plan and route all  bus and carpool schedules! The bottom line is that camps run more efficiently and professionally with camp management software. Online camp registration is a hit with parents; we’re sure your management team and staff will love it, too!

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