Camp Admin Software: Why Customization Matters

Camp Admin Software by CampSite

Camp Admin: Choosing Quality Software

Camp admin have their fair selection of camp management softwares to shop for these days. We stress the importance of choosing a software that meets all the needs of your camp. You’ll also want one that will be flexible moving forward as you evolve and grow. We’re big fans of flexibility and customization here at CampSite! To help you find the best software for your camp admin team, we’ve put together a reference list to remind you of the great benefits of customizable tools!

Increase Your Overall Ease of Use

The belief that running camp should be less about chaos and confusion and more about passion, meaningful programs, and happy campers is what inspired CampSite. So, we created a camp management software that would remove the headache from the pre-registration planning process. Plus, each and every camp admin can tailor CampSite to their own camps’ needs. Our easy-to-navigate admin dashboard highlights your favorite CampSite features and even boasts an Enrollment Setup Wizard expertly designed to guide you through the entire process.

Personalize Your Connection w/ Campers and Parents

Within CampSite’s admin dashboard is the opportunity to completely customize the Parent Dashboard (and registration process for parents). We designed the Parent Dashboard so that camp admin can easily create custom messaging and branding to represent their camp. This is a great way for your camp to offer a personal and unique registration experience while reinforcing your brand and mission. Of course, there are plenty of other customization options available to you in our admin dashboard, including registration forms!

Cater the Enrollment Process to Each Camper

Perhaps the most consistent feedback we get from our current clients is their love for how customizable the enrollment process is. Our Admin Dashboard has an Enrollment Setup Wizard that puts the control back in your hands. You can choose the information you want parents to see and elect which questions or inquiries show on forms. Better yet, you can create your own questions or prompts with multiple response possibilities (drop-down menu, open-ended text, and more!). Our flexible customization feature was the topic of praise at the American Camp Association’s National Conference this spring! Many camp admin are thankful they’re able to provide non-binary responses when collecting information on a camper’s gender. This is just one of the many ways CampSite allows you to create a comprehensive, customized enrollment process.

Fit the Software to Your Camp

More than anything, finding a camp management software that will fit to the design of your camp and its processes is crucial. A good software will also give you plenty of room to grow. CampSite software makes running camp easier, more efficient, and less time-consuming for any camp admin team. Our core package is an affordable bundle of some of our most sought-after features such as online registration, advanced reporting, our Parent Dashboard, and more! From there you can add on modules such as transportation management and medical management for an extra benefit. The power is all yours – we’re here to help along the way!

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The Best Tech In Camp Management Software

Best tech for camp management photo

Thinking about technology operating alongside summer or day camps can create a complex image. Phones, computers, and other gadgets can be viewed as obstacles at camp, posing more  as a distraction from enjoying camp activities than a benefit. Whatever your view on the relationship between tech and campers, the productivity benefits of camp software are undeniable. Technology has become such an integral part of running a camp, from cell phones, to action cameras to camp software itself! So we decided to rank  our favorites for the top must have tech features in camp software!

A Cloud Service:

Chances are you’ve heard this term thrown around in the tech world or even at your camp. A “cloud service” allows instant access to vast amounts of data from anywhere—without worrying about storing photos, files, and forms yourself. This means if you fill out a form while enabling a cloud service, “the cloud” stores that form away where it can be updated or accessed in seamless fashion. Camper photos, camper medical forms, staff resumes and more. It’s all readily available to you.

Are cloud services popular? Sure! In fact, the world’s largest cloud platform, Amazon Cloud hosts some of the web’s most popular services – Netflix, Pinterest, and of course, – to name just a few. In addition, we use Amazon Cloud to host CampSite!

Facial Recognition Technology:

This awesome feature lets parents locate their children in camp photos instantly, saving all the trouble of looking through albums of camp pictures from their camp counselor. The Facial Recognition is one of the most innovative features to connect both parents and campers in a fast and convenient manner.

You may have not even noticed the power of facial recognition tech at work. It’s on social media when you upload a photo of your friends and you’re asked to confirm the names attributed to the people in the photo. This means the next time a photo is uploaded with the same people, the program recognizes them with better
accuracy and your photos are easier to find of people you’re looking for. This feature is a dream come true for many parents since it saves them time and energy. The alternative is a mild dread when considering how to keep track of handfuls of
camp photos.

Text Messaging:

Most messaging services also let you archive conversations and set notifications, while others allow so much more. Because text messaging is a near essential in our everyday lives, staff that use texting as part of their camp management strategy are being able to send mass messages to all camper families about crucial information, from event changes, updates and emergencies. Messages instantly land on the appropriate parent’s phone inbox for quick and easy viewing. So how does text messaging impact the relationships between parents and staff? For one, it becomes faster. Similarly, it makes communication over smaller issues much simpler than email or phone. For example, a text message to a campers parent that their swimming goggles broke and to send a new pair, saves the time of making the call or going back and forth on an email thread.

Rollover Data:

Contact information, session dates, forms, notes, tuition plans, forms, more forms… we could go on about the enrollment and registration process! We understand how it can take the entire day away from you. With a feature like CampSite’s rollover tech, we automatically populate registration forms and fields based on previous entries. This camp management software fan-favored feature makes the process hardly a process at all. Not when it’s much faster and more efficient than before!

Our rollover data feature includes nearly every fillable form or field we offer. From parent’s contact information, notes, enrollment options, session dates, tuition plans, to discounts and forms, it’s all retained and open for editing at any time. Make sure your camp management software asks what you want to roll over to the next year!

Camp Management Software:

How could we not have camp management software on the list? It’s what CampSite is all about! A camp software CRM is the biggest tech powerhouse in the camp industry. Why? Because cloud-based, robust software serves as an all-in-one answer to your camp management needs. You can operate all of the features listed above and more easily and efficiently. So go ahead and give camp management software a try! With CampSite, you can send a massive “Welcome!” text to all your campers, launch facial recognition for all camper parents to easily locate their children in photos, re-enroll campers for future camp adventures, and so much more!

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5 Things Everyone in the Camp Industry Should Do Before Summer Ends

5 Things Everyone in the Camp Industry Should Do Before Summer Ends photo

The entire camp industry feels it when… there’s only one month of the summer season left. Do you have some marketing plans set in motion for the future? Perhaps personalized notes to each of your camper families or a social media campaign around back to school? Check out our examples that you may like below. Don’t let the clock tick any faster before getting these ideas checked off your list!

Preset Your “Thank You” Notes Beforehand

It’s better to build up those “Thank you!” email and text messages now than just a few hours before sending them out. One suggestion would be to have counselors type letters to their camper parents and include them in your email template message. Once those message templates are set, there also exists the opportunity to create personalized messages for your clients within each template. (The response will be worth the preparation time!) Remember that these communicative tasks can be achieved in the Email & Communication Tools and Text Messaging feature. If you’re new to our text messaging feature, our blog here can also help you.

Acknowledge The Back to School Spree

Whether your camp hours are overnight, daytime, or operational during the school period itself, ‘Back To School’ is a flexible marketing period for each and every one of your camps. Approach back to school as a chance to spread awareness of your camp at local schools. You can also use our Geographic Locator to find popular regions your campers come from to pick school locations. For example, if fifty of your campers come from one town, advertising along with the local school district in that area could prove to be very beneficial. Another option would be to partner with local businesses to offer discounts to your campers on school supplies. Brainstorming with other non-competitive (think complementary) services in the camp industry is worth exploring, too.

Websites & Web Advertising

Are you digital with your advertisements? It’s well worth a try if you haven’t! If you’re new to the process of advertising online but have done an ad in the paper, ask the newspaper if you can spread the ad to their website too. If you’re comfortable with advertising online, you can also start creating ads and pitching relationships with local businesses who also have websites. For example, let’s say that 15 miles from the fictional camp: Good Pine Tree Center is a town tourist spot. The head counselor of Good Pine decides to dig up some names of the most popular children’s oriented locations. He then meets with several owners of these locations and pitches an idea for a camp advertisement. For the owners who agree to the pitch, there is now not only advertisements in a popular area of your camp but the beginning of a sponsor relationship!

Get on Social Media

There are events happening every day, in every industry, that allow businesses to reach out to their audiences through social media. The camp industry is no different! The downtime between the end and start of summer camp is the perfect time to spruce up or set up a social media account. If you’re concerned about returning to a social media account that hasn’t been up-to-date for a while, build a campaign around your return! Doing so will retain interest from your current followers and gain new attention as well.

Get Feedback From Your Camp Industry

Although many are small, all campers are mighty! Do not underestimate the importance of camper feedback on their direct experiences. They do make up a majority of the summer camp industry, after all! They’re why you run a camp to begin with. Have you read our blog precisely on getting fast feedback from your very own campers in all sorts of creative ways? If not, it’s time to think like a camper! From talent shows to cardboard boxes of animals that only eat camp reviews—the process of getting quick camp feedback is more intuitive than you think! Start reading here!

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